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Teri Van Horn

Healing Light

Where it is our intent to bring love, light & blessings into your world.


Welcome to Healing Light's Blog!  

I've just recently uploaded all of the blog posts that I had on the Facebook page, so now we have a LOT of them online!  My plan is to have at least one message each month & of course more when the Angels & Guides decide to share additional information. 

I'm looking forward to sharing even more insights with you, as well as guidance from the Angels!

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Bloom Where You Are Planted

Posted on May 1, 2018 at 3:15 AM Comments comments ()


I haven’t thought of this quote in probably 30 years, yet it popped into my head just a few minutes ago and it won’t let go. I remember when this was a popular saying, in the 1970’s I think. It was on coffee mugs, desk calendars and all sorts of things.

The quote actually comes from the Bible - something I didn’t know until tonight when I was trying to research when it was originally used. It has obviously been used quite a bit through the ages and it’s meaning is quite clear... but are we really paying attention?

To be honest... I haven’t been paying enough attention. Being so ‘brilliant’ (sarcastically, of course), I ‘knew’ exactly what my path should be. I ‘knew’ what I needed to be doing and most of the steps necessary to make that happen. Since I ‘knew’ all these things, I began to do what was seemingly necessary to follow that particular path, but things never worked out the way they were ‘supposed’ to. Books didn’t turn into instant best sellers, although I kept getting great feedback about them. Speaking engagements brought more excellent reviews, but offers didn’t materialize. I kept trying to create different courses to help people sort-out some of the issues that they repeatedly come to me about. Whatever it was that I tried... it just didn’t seem to take-off as I anticipated and I felt like I was beating my head against the wall. What was wrong? Why wasn’t I able to reach the people that I was supposed to reach? I worked with coaches to get a different perspective and followed their advice, but was still not getting the results that I had anticipated. I got depressed and almost gave up a few times, but still I persevered, to no avail. It just wasn’t working no matter how many times I kept putting myself out there.

I’m supposed to have the answers, right? Well guess what??? Sometimes you have to ask the right questions to get the answer you need.

You see, what was missing in my “total success formula” was my complete surrender to what Spirit wanted... not what I thought I wanted. Those were two drastically different things and I was going in the wrong direction, because I was allowing my ego/logical mind to make decisions that I should have been leaving for the heart to guide me in. I have to clarify one point here, because I can already hear your asking the question, “How can she claim to have a connection with Spirit, but still get something big like this wrong?” Answer... I’m human!

It’s actually easy to get answers for other people, especially strangers, but when many of us try to access information for ourselves or someone that we know intimately, it’s hard because our logical mind starts kicking-in with information that we know. When that happens, it’s more difficult to receive a clear, unbiased answer to questions in many situations. Also, when we want something that is really important to us, we can skew the info that we receive, thus the ego/logical mind overrides part or all of the message from Spirit. When we read for someone we don’t know well or have information on, we can objectively receive the answers and go with it, without trying to analyze what we are getting.

Bottom line... what I thought I was supposed to be doing was partially a message from Spirit, but I was interpreting it in a way that was just a bit different from what was intended. Therefore, I had the right intention, but was looking for an outcome that was completely different from what Spirit was intending. Confused yet? Well so was I... until today!

When Spirit originally let me know that I would be connecting with a wide range of people and assisting them in their Spiritual Growth & Development, I initially saw this as teaching or speaking to groups or conferences, along with writing books. This terrified me, because I was so insecure that the thought of speaking to more than two people at once, nearly put me into a state of shock. But suddenly, that insecurity went away and I was able to speak to a group of 10, 20, 30, 50, 100... all without dying on the spot. Eureka! I’m past the shyness and ready to travel to teach, speak and help as many people as I possibly could. This is exciting - something I never dreamed of before and I was ready to go... but Spirit wasn’t, because it wasn’t what was intended for me. I just hadn’t caught on to that yet and wouldn’t for a while. This is why things didn’t pan out, in spite of my tireless efforts and determination. It wasn’t working because it wasn’t intended to do so. God had a different purpose for me. Similar, but different.

Yes, I’m supposed to reach large groups of people and I do that through my Facebook page. Since this is so impersonal, it never seemed like much of an accomplishment, other than the staggering growth that the page experienced. That was so I could help raise the vibrations of people around the world - to help them remain focused and positive. To help lift spirits when they’re down. This is important for all of us, but it just never seemed ‘real’ to me because there isn’t a lot of personal interaction, but it definitely serves a purpose and it allows me to make a little money to help keep my home and this page going. But there’s more and that’s what I was realizing this evening.

Earlier today, after I finished a wedding for a beautiful couple, I ran into some acquaintances that I haven’t seen in about 6 months. We actually had an opportunity to chat and get to know each other some, when the woman opened up to me about something very personal in her life and I offered to read for her right then and there. No cards, no tools, just a pure intuitive reading about the situation, where I would receive messages and guidance from the Angels based on her comments or questions. I did this in probably the noisiest environment that I could possibly be in, but I was in the zone and all the background noise faded away, which is rare for me. We talked for over an hour - probably more and the Angels gave her some excellent advice and information, which really helped her deal with the situation and upcoming changes. During the time that we spoke, I could almost see her go from a rose bud to a fully opened and stunning rose. (metaphorically speaking) Through the advice of the Angels, she was able to see some things in a different light, that was more positive than the way she had seen them before. All-in-all, I believe that the information was helpful and productive, so that she’ll be able to help facilitate some changes that will lead to some really positive things coming up in her world. Not that everything that I shared was Pollyanna Perfect - I always repeat what I’m told, regardless of if it might be perceived positive or negative, because I feel that’s the only way that I can provide an honest reading, so she got it all - explained with love and non-judgment, thanks to the wisdom of the Angels.

This was the answer I was looking for all along! Yes, Spirit might want me to have a large platform to help a lot of people (via social media), but now I see that my real specialty is in the relaying of important (& sometimes touchy) messages to help those who are having struggles in their lives. I’ve always done this, to an extent, but not nearly as much as I would like to, because I was trying to do all the other stuff at the same time.

My message from Spirit was clear today with the ‘Bloom Where You Are Planted’ quote. Working individually with people has always been the thing that I’ve done best and what really helps me connect in ways that are higher than I ever dreamed possible. It’s a win-win, I connect with Spirit to help others and through that, I obtain even more clarity so that I can help and serve more. This also goes for intuitive healing sessions, as they benefit the person I’m working with, along with helping me connect more and much deeper. This is what I should have been focusing on all along, but I kept thinking that I was supposed to do something grander - but what’s grander than helping someone improve their life or their health?

They say that God works in mysterious ways and today he certainly did. My friend thinks that I did her a huge favor by spending so much time gifting her with a reading, but in reality, she was helping me gain the clarity I’ve been needing! It’s amazing how these revelations happen and it goes to show that our ego/logical mind can really block us from doing what we’re supposed to, and it can make us waste some valuable time. Don’t let yours get away with doing this, like I did! Thank you, Susan, for the gift of being able to provide you with these insights and messages, which in turn, provided me with my own insights.




What�??s in Store for 2018?

Posted on May 1, 2018 at 3:10 AM Comments comments ()


Here we are again – wrapping-up one totally outrageous year & preparing to welcome the next new year. What will 2018 have in store for us? This is a question that we are all asking – but not everyone has the answers.

Of course, this is also the time that many psychics or visionaries put out their predictions for the upcoming year. I did this two years ago & honestly was astonished at the results by the end of the year. Last year I didn’t do it publicly, but shared my predictions privately. Again, I was quite surprised at the final results.

Preparing predictions for an upcoming year – on a global scale – is daunting, to say the least. The predictions are generally based on seeing/feeling/sensing the energies as they are now & they always hold the possibility of change, because human beings have Free Will, which can change anything… even world events. However, I have learned that for the most part, global events usually run steady, unless large groups band together to make significant changes. Then… we can create the predictions that we most want. It’s an amazing system… if only we could get enough people to participate!

So here are some of my predictions for 2018:


The entire planet will continue to experience extreme weather conditions. More volcanoes, more hurricanes, more earthquakes, more fires, more freezes, more droughts, & more instances of extreme heat. Contrary to what scientists say, for the past 3 years I have been saying that we are not experiencing Global Warming… we are experiencing Global Weather Extremes. This means that weather in every continent will be extreme. The Ring of Fire will be extremely active & will activate volcanoes all over the world. Some long-quiet ones will erupt, but nothing to extinction level, so we can relax.

There will be more hurricanes, typhoons & tsunamis. People in areas that are normally vulnerable need to be prepared, because this coming year has the potential to be highly destructive. Take precautions early, while you can. I keep getting that India, the Philippines & Malaysia need to be overcautious this year. The US will also be affected, but it won’t be as catastrophic as it was in 2017.

Hot & cold will prevail. Areas where it is normally hot will experience higher temperatures, as well as droughts. This will exacerbate the potential for wild fires in the Western US. Unfortunately, gigantic fires, like what California is experiencing right now, have the potential to become the norm, unless evasive measures aren’t taken. In contrast, there will continue to be extreme cold in North America, Europe & Russia. Part of this is due to the other weather phenomena & part of it is because the earth’s magnetic poles are in the process of moving again. We won’t have a complete pole shift, but we will be feeling the effects of even slight movement throughout the year.

I’ve also been receiving messages about the New Madrid fault line that runs through the Central US. It appears that there will be a significant earthquake along this line, which will result in the Mississippi River overflowing its banks in several states. This is NOT the event that Cayce spoke about.

The Antarctic will continue to heat-up & melt due to underground magma moving around. This is part of the volcano action that we spoke about. This will continue to melt the ice & some amazing wonders will be discovered. Welcome to Ancient Lemuria! (side note: I have been repeatedly pressed to complete my book on Ancient Lemuria in the first quarter – before these discoveries are made) You’ll learn much more about this beautiful & ancient civilization in my book, which will correspond with what is being discovered in that part of the world. This is going to be exciting & a bit baffling to many.


I generally try to stay away from these topics, because I very much dislike the energy surrounding those who participate in politics. However, for the purposes of this report, I will dive into that arena. Please note that the following comments have nothing to do with my personal political stance – I am only reporting information that is coming to me – nothing more.

There will be more countries exiting the EU. Most of them are leaving because of the mandatory immigrant relocations. They are tired of the EU forcing them to take in large groups of refugees, without screening processes & the toll that it is taking on their own citizens. This is a very sensitive subject at this moment & many will be ‘walking on eggshells’ in an effort to get along with each other.

In the US there will continue to be race issues, but it appears that there will be some significant overtures by people of varying races, in an effort to bring everyone back together. It still won’t be perfect, because there are always those who want to focus on remaining in the more violent & dense 3rd dimension. They are gradually being brought up to the 4th, but it will still take some time. Politicians of both parties will be forced to not only ‘come clean’, but they will be required to show transparency in how they operate. This will result in a mass exodus, but it will bring in the potential of new people, who more greatly reflect the belief systems of their constituents, rather than those of who lines their pockets. This may feel like chaos at first, but in the long run, it will be the best for everyone. Hang on & don’t lose faith!

South American countries will continue to have problems and discord due to economic issues. They are gradually toppling the corrupt government officials so that they can put new people in place. Once they begin this process, their respective countries will begin to prosper, but it will take a while.

All of this is a continuation of the energies from 2017, when unseen things were becoming revealed.

The war against ISIS will continue, but will be tapering down considerably. While this group will not be completely defeated, they will be rendered ineffective – when the local military of the respective country can contain them. They will not go quietly & there will be more terrorist attacks throughout Europe & the US. What I have been told is that there will be one large attack in the US in the first half of the year – potentially focusing on a large event. Europe will have a couple of attacks – one potentially involving a train & the other near a crowd of people. In each of these instances, I continue to hear the phrase “Lone Wolf”, which tells me that these are not attacks organized by a large group, but by a few disgruntled individuals. In addition to the larger attacks, there will be numerous smaller ones that are carried out by rogue ‘players’ with the intention of keeping ISIS in the news & instilling fear in the hearts of those who do not share their beliefs. These guys won’t be able to accomplish much, because most of them are getting their training via YouTube. Nevertheless, it doesn’t diminish the impact that these events will have on the lives of others, so let’s pray that these things do not happen.

Things with Israel will die-down eventually, with other nations beginning to accept them more & more in the region. They’ve been there forever… so I’m still not sure of what the fuss is, except that the Temple on the Mount is the spiritual center for Christians, Jews & Muslims. They will have to work together to co-exist & although there might be some saber-rattling, nothing significant is going to happen. They will continue to have their disagreements with Palestine, but even these will be reduced this year. There is possibly an event that might make everyone in that area of the world to ‘settle-down’. I think that information is coming up later in this writing.

North Korea has been at the forefront of everyone’s thoughts when you start thinking about nations & war. Yes… they are puffing-up & making powerful threats, but Kim Jong-Un is NOT in power. He’s a little boy playing with the toys that the adults are allowing him to play with. (if you get my drift.) He talks a good game (as any pre-teen boy does), but he doesn’t have the knowledge or experience to do much of anything. He will be getting his hands slapped very soon & has the potential to be assonated by someone in his government… quite possibly a female!


I have been informed that the US economy will continue to grow & build, continuing with the pattern of the past 12 months. The housing market & industries will have more demand & will need more employees, so that more people will be working & there will be less families living at or under the poverty level. This doesn’t mean that everyone will be working just yet… but that things will be improving over the past several years. Americans will be much more optimistic about their futures, which will begin to make the political climate a bit friendlier.

In other nations across the globe, their respective economies appear to be improving as well. The EU dollar will drop a bit, but it won’t be catastrophic. I believe that this is due to other nations leaving the Union. Unfortunately, I don’t have much information on any other countries at this time.

World Events

Disclosure, disclosure, disclosure. Who doesn’t know what this is about? For years we have been talking & listening to people talk about disclosure. When are we going to admit that there is someone else out there in the Universe? When are we going to admit that they’ve been here on Earth? Who’s going to share those selfies they’ve taken with their BFF’s from another planet? Now wouldn’t that be amazing?

Unless someone has been living under a rock, they’ll realize that our official history does not add-up to the ancient artifacts & technologies that have been found on this planet. There are so many things that are well over 6,000 years old… how can we possibly be that young? The theory is that scientists have been discrediting and/or hiding evidence that the planet has had numerous civilizations who were highly advanced – civilizations that were here, then all traces of their existence was removed, with the exception of ancient ruins. We KNOW that even today, with all of our technology, we cannot move any of the ancient stones found at Baalbek. We could never create a stone temple – in the ground – as they did in India for the Kailasanatha temple or the massive stones used in the Karnak Temple or Puma Punku or the Sun Temple of Modhera. Not to mention the fact that some scientists believe that the Spinx may be 800,000 years old! There have been several – possibly many – other civilizations on this planet. It’s perfectly ok if there were & it doesn’t take anything away from our achievements, but for some reason, mainstream science has never wanted to admit these things.

Those days are coming to an end! They are going to have to ‘fess-up’ & admit to some things that they can’t explain any other way. Will it cause world-wide panic? No. But it will open us up to some incredible possibilities & things to learn about our past & that’s a great thing!

Don’t be surprised if these revelations include some assistance from our neighbors out there in space. It’s arrogant to believe that we – as imperfect as we are – are the only living beings in this universe. It’s time to move over & graciously accept that we aren’t “only children” & that yes… we are going to have to share this Universe with others.

For some, this might be traumatic, but most of those people will continue to deny what is placed before them. For the rest of us, it will be an immense growing & learning opportunity.

Are our neighbors friends or foe? This has been hotly contested for quite some time & there are two very strong positions on this. One feels that all extraterrestrials are dangerous & mean us harm (i.e. medical experiments, abductions, etc), while others believe that they are benevolent (i.e. helpers, guardians… even angels). Personally, I have never come face-to-face with one, but I feel strongly that just like people, there can be plenty of each & some that are in-between. They are obviously more advanced technologically than we are & some are much higher advanced on a spiritual level. I believe that we could learn a great deal from this latter group!

So will a UFO land on the White House lawn, as all the sci-fi moves talk about? Probably not – but don’t be surprised if they become more obvious & connect with humanity more. Also, don’t be surprised if scientists & archeologists start finding & revealing more about these ancient cultures.

There will continue to be some amazing ancient discoveries throughout the world – primarily in the areas of Turkey & in Northern Russia, in the Siberia area. I can’t wait to see what they find.

On the medical front, researchers will find new ways to combat both disease & chronic pain. There will unfortunately still be experiments in altering DNA – but these will lead to tragedy & eventually be stopped (a few years from now). We will continue to have a resurgence of diseases that had previously been eradicated (as I predicted two years ago). Much of this is due to the mass immigrations from 3rd world countries who do not have vaccinations. These immigrants will continue to spread catastrophic & highly contagious diseases throughout the world – thus making countries tighten their borders. (I am not blaming the immigrants here… it’s just a fact that if their countries still have these diseases, they will spread it to others when they relocate.) This will also get other world governments motivated to assist these countries with medical care & vaccinations so that we can remove things like tuberculosis, measles, polio & other diseases once & for all. This will be tragic for a while, but in the long run, it will be highly beneficial to everyone here on this planet.

In Conclusion

I know that there are many, many other questions out there that people have – about things that will directly affect them & their loved ones. What I have been guided to do is to now open this post to questions. We ask that you NOT ask questions relation to your love life or something highly personal – but questions about things that will affect our global community.

So tell me… what would you most like to know about?

Blessings, Teri


Recovery from Violence

Posted on October 5, 2017 at 10:20 PM Comments comments ()

My apologies for not posting this message sooner, but I have also been dealing with the energy from this event & felt like we would all be in a better place to accept these messages from Spirit if I waited a couple days.

This shooting has impacted us all. For me, I have friends in Vegas & one family who is dear to me, makes this festival an annual family outing. Thank God, there was a conflict in schedules, so they had to miss Sunday night. Another friend was there & fortunately he & his girlfriend were safe, but he kept going back to help others. One man, very near him, was shot & Cody stayed with him as he passed. Since they are military 'brothers', Cody then made the effort to find this young man's mother, so that he could share her son's final moments with her. We have many friends who are military medics & so they were busy helping with triage & caring for those who were injured. I've heard stories & intuitively seen more than anyone would ever want to, but I still keep getting images & information about this event.

So... why does this happen?

There is evil in this world, to be sure - but there are also Divine Plans in play. Remember that we all have free will & sometimes (as a soul) we decide that we want to experience different things in each lifetime. Naturally you ask, "Why would anyone want to volunteer for this?" On a spiritual level, this can be to propel one's ascension process. It can be to help release karma or it can be used to increase karma, if that is necessary. There are as many reasons for something like this, as there are stars in the sky. Overall, this was a soul agreement between all the parties involved, to participate in this event. Some would live & go home. Some would be injured & go through the physical & emotional healing process. Some would die & go to their heavenly home. Some would survive - but continually go back to save others, therefore releasing karmic debt.

I know that you're probably thinking that I'm blaming the victims & that's not the case. I'm not blaming anyone for this event. I'm simply saying that some people chose to go through this experience. A lot of them are experiencing miracles & healing, while others were released from their earthly bodies & are now beautiful, pure light.

The grief for all of us is overwhelming & it most certainly is for those who are empaths. That is why this has affected me so much, because I'm an empath AND had friends there. When my daughter & her husband were based out of Nellis AFB for 5 years, I spent a LOT of time in Vegas. I hated the strip & would only walk through a couple of the casinos for the seasonal decorations (the Bellagio is always so gorgeous), but otherwise, we stayed FAR from that area & spent all of our time in North Las Vegas, where the kids lived. But, I know the area well & between that & the ability to 'see' events as they happened, it's been tough for me. I haven't 'asked' to see anything, but spirit keeps sending different aspects of it to me, so I'm guessing there's a reason why this is happening.

What is the result? What should we do for our children & grandchildren?

Number 1 - get yourself grounded & seek to find some peace about this. The more that we are collectively 'stirred-up' about it, only increases the likely-hood that things will get worse or something else will happen. When we focus on things being peaceful, we will create peace in our immediate world. Work on that & know that you are 100% capable of controlling your feelings & emotions about something like this. Choose peace & calm. Focus on sending prayers, healing & forgiveness.

Number 2 - don't start thinking that the sky is falling & that we're all going to hell in a hand basket. Basically... shit happens & right now we're dealing with a lot of it collectively. That doesn't mean that I'm discounting the pain, horror or suffering that is happening in the world today - far from it. If I allowed my defenses to be down, I'd be a complete basket-case while trying to deal with all of the pain that others are suffering. I have to keep my walls up, in a very big way. Remember that things like this are exceptions to the rule & that we're always going to experience violence, until we collectively reach a higher dimension & way of thinking. This is happening - it's coming sooner than you think!

Number 3 - KNOW that the changes are happening as we speak! You've heard it a million times already, but I'll say it once more, "we are in a spiritual war right now." Good guys vs bad guys & all that stuff. How can this be when other people are saying that we're ascending to higher levels? Actually... both of these statements are true. We are definitely ascending, as individuals & as a planet - from 3D to 4D & in some cases 5D. Many, many individuals are coming into the 4th dimension right now, which is moving the planet (& everyone else) into that level, as well. Unfortunately, there are a LOT of people who are still living in the 3rd dimension & loving it. They like that violence, control, manipulation, greed... you get the picture. These are the lesser-evolved souls who want to stay exactly where they are & they certainly don't want to 'evolve' to all that light, fluffy stuff in a higher dimension. These are the 'neanderthals', the 'barbarians' of our culture... spiritually speaking. They don't want peace, they want to continue being a 'badass' & living that lifestyle. They are the ones who are rebelling & trying their best to throw us into chaos so that we will remain in the 3rd dimension. Unfortunately for them... there's a lot more of us, but many are still frightened & afraid of slipping back. We definitely do not want to do this, so we need to be courageous. We need to pray & we need to hold space so that we all move forward into the next & higher dimensions.

This WILL happen - it's just a matter of how soon. The more we work to continue to raise our vibrational frequency, the harder it will be for them to hold on to what they have. This is one of the reasons why we are having extra violence throughout the world. Think of what it looks like when a Saturn Rocket starts to lift-off of the launch pad. There's so much fire & smoke. The ground rumbles with the force of the engines, but the rocket hardly moves. Then suddenly, it's as though the earth's gravity finally says, ok & the rocket starts to ascend into the sky, taking the shuttle up past the atmosphere so that it can soar into space. That's kind-of where we are right now. We're on the launch pad, with fire blazing, struggling to be release from the clutches of earth's gravitational force. Just like the Saturn rocket - we will get into space, where there are no more limitations & we can touch the stars.

We have to hold firm with our faith & we need to stay positive. Pray for the ones who are in so much pain right now. Sending healing to them & know that all is working-out with God's Divine Plan. We will never understand it all while we're here, but once we transcend that veil & reach the other side, all will be brought to light.

Please don't lose heart. Unfortunately with the increase in technology & connectivity, we hear about more problems & pain & violence. The 'bad guys' are also using this technology to connect, so that they can attempt to do more violence. We also get to use these technological abilities so that we can connect & facilitate changes. Also, it's important for us all to do our best to keep a positive mindset in all things. I know that's hard, especially with events like Vegas & while I certainly don’t always stay positive about things, I always try to do my best to understand or trust that something positive will come out of a situation.

When you think about what happened on Sunday evening, it's important to have compassion for the pain & suffering that these people felt. We must never discount that because it is real & all of this must be healed. But when you are focusing on this event, also please remember these very important facts:

• Whomever did the shooting, only did it for 11 minutes. They had thousands of rounds of ammunition & multiple weapons. They also had an entire HOUR between the time that the shooting stopped & the room was entered into by police.

• While there was a lot of damage that incurred during that 11 minutes of hell on earth - think about how much worse it could have been, if the shooters had continued throughout the entire hour. Based on what was left in that room - they could have continued shooting all night long - but something happened & all the shooting miraculously stopped.

• Also, it's apparent that there was an established escape plan, so that more damage could have been incurred via a car bomb & this, too was stopped.

So while you honor those who lost their lives, those who are injured & those who have emotional scars from this horrific event... also try to sing praises that more weren't affected by these awful people. It is important to grieve for the losses of that night & the suffering that was incurred - but don't allow this to take over, because we need to get back to work, shining that Light, so that the darkness has no opportunity to get a foothold in trying to stop our collective ascension.

Know that I am sending healing, love, hugs, prayers & lots of Angels to everyone whose lives have been touched by this event. I ask that you join me in this, so that we can prevent these types of things from happening in the future. Keep in mind that this one was stopped short - by some miraculous event, so that it was over long before the authorities were able to seize control of the room.

That is one enormous blessing in a night filled with pain & we have to keep this momentum going, so that all the 'bad guys' get stopped before they can do anyone harm again. Let’s keep focusing on love, forgiveness & light.

Blessings, Teri



Be The Change

Posted on September 6, 2017 at 10:15 PM Comments comments ()

Be the change... these three words speak volumes. Gandhi had it right when he said, “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” It is within this statement that all responsibility falls... on each and every one of us. If we want change, we have to get up off our asses and do something!

WARNING: There will be ‘language’ in this piece and I’ll probably make some people uncomfortable... but that’s all part of change!

To affect change, energy must be placed into motion. If we don’t shift energy - one way or the other - then everything stays the same. This is why this writing will probably be uncomfortable for some people.

To be completely and perfectly clear about where I’m coming from, I feel that it’s important to let you know that I consider myself a ‘compassionate conservative’. Yes, it’s a term I just made up, but it seems to suit me on many levels. I believe in God, Family, and My Fellow Man/Woman. I believe that it’s important to be as loyal (as possible) to all three.

I believe in the US Constitution. I believe that everyone should be treated equally and to have the same rights - black/white, gay/straight, male/female... you get the message. I believe that love and compassion are the only way to go and I do my best to stick with this, although occasionally I tend to get pissed-off about some things, because that’s what human beings do.

I also VERY strongly believe that everyone needs to own their own shit! Yes... we ALL need to take responsibility for ourselves and our actions. This doesn’t mean that everyone needs to work separately... this is about taking personal responsibility for what we do and what we don’t do. This means that the blame-game needs to go away completely.

How amazing would this world be if everyone took ownership of their own shit? Things could turn around completely, because we wouldn’t be able to sit back and blame someone else for our failures. We wouldn’t have excuses... either we did something or we didn’t... case closed. People would start acting with integrity (holy crap!) and no one would be able to say that they were ‘held back’ or ‘oppressed’ or anything of that sort. This kind of talk really pisses me off, because people are blaming society for them not taking care of themselves or their loved ones. They wouldn’t be complaining that they can’t do anything because of ‘whatever reason they can come up with’ because ‘someone’ kept them from being their best - when the truth of the matter was that they just didn’t put out an effort.

I know a man who prefers to spend his days and evenings partying with friends. He likes to drink too much and to indulge in drugs. Because of this, he can’t hold down a traditional job, because he can’t pass the drug test. He’s got a list of legal infractions that’s longer than he is tall. He has a 12 year old child that he never sees and very rarely speaks to - and whom he hasn’t helped to support, but he’s always complaining about how he never sees the child. It’s because he doesn’t make the effort - but he’s angry if anyone else sees the kid. He complains about never having enough money and the fact that he bounces from sofa to sofa - but he won’t stop the drugs long enough to get or keep a steady job. He blames every one and every thing for the circumstances in his life - in spite of the fact that his family has tried to help him for at least 15 years! He assumes no responsibility for where he is today, because it’s always everyone else’s fault.

I know someone else who’s an amazing person and a hard worker. He had some rough times when he was much younger, but he learned his lesson, payed his debt to society, and tries to inspire other minority boys/men to walk away from that ‘gang-banger’ lifestyle (as he refers to it). This man and I are friends and can discuss just about everything - no restrictions. We discuss different race issues that have been prevalent in the past year and obviously since we are of two different races, we each have a different perspective - but it leads to great conversations and amazing understanding. He has the potential to do really well in his business, but he still feels a stigma of being a minority and someone who has been in prison. We talk about this quite a bit, because when he meets someone, they don’t know about his past and he doesn’t need to feel that he’s being judged by them since they don’t know anything about it. He’s holding himself back because of these beliefs. Now he totally owns what he did and is proud of his transformation - as he should be. But he feels that he’s being kept down because of race and his record. As much as I like my friend, I sometimes get frustrated with him because he feels compelled to blame these things, and government officials on his lack of success. But it’s not true... he needs to see himself with new eyes and that’s what I try to reflect to him when we talk.

But so many other people are blaming history, race, gender, you-name-it for whatever they feel is wrong with their lives or the world. They aren’t stepping-up and trying to positively effect change... they’re just throwing a fit about it. Unfortunately, lately it’s gotten to the point where things are getting out of control and everyone is attacking everyone else. What the hell?

We’ve got all these freaking hate groups going out and rioting, hurting people, destroying property and sometimes killing people because they are blaming some ‘great unseen injustice’. (Here’s where you’re going to get offended - you’ve been warned)

We have Black Lives Matter who are now demanding that white people give them their homes or money as reparation for slavery. WTF? I don’t know about you, but I don’t and haven’t had a damn thing to do with slavery and I sure as hell don’t believe that any of the people making these demands have been slaves, either! Yes, in going through my genealogy, I’ve discovered that one relative owned up to 15 slaves, about 300 years ago in Virginia. Do I owe everyone something because of that? Absolutely not, because that’s not who I am!

Now I am totally against anything that even resembles slavery, but I doubt that all of the people making the demands or rioting can accurately trace their lineage back to slavery. Some probably can and I’m sorry that happened, but I can’t change what an ancestor did 300 years ago. Besides... there were also a hell of a lot of white and Asian slaves in America, but they’re not demanding to be repaid and they’re not rioting. It’s history - something that we need to learn about, so that it doesn’t repeat. We have to move forward, instead of trying to stay in the past and being angry for something that 90% of the people in the US don’t have any personal connection with. We don’t even have to go into the fact that African rulers used to capture neighboring tribes and sell them into slavery or made them their own slaves... but it happened and they are responsible, too. In my opinion, these people who are so angry about slavery in the US, are using this as an excuse for their not sharing in the American Dream. It’s not the fault of those from the past, it’s all about what is happening here and now that affects where each person is in their life.

Then we have the ANTIFA people who are fascism and are violently rioting against everyone. Why? From what I understand, they are determined to fight against conservatives and White Supremacists. I’m white and have lived in the South my entire life and never once met a white supremacist. Suddenly, everyone who is white is considered to be racist and bigoted. They have decided that they should literally and violently fight to FORCE everyone into inclusiveness and peace. How outrageous is that? They beat the crap out of people because they ‘believe’ that the person is a fascist or supremacist because of what that person is wearing or what they are attending or for whatever they perceive that person believes. These people are militants and cowards, because they always try to hide their faces when they’re beating the shit out of someone. How tough and brave is that?

These people believe that those who are white and potentially conservative are a hate group who must be destroyed. While I agree that anyone who is a real member of the KKK or a similar group, needs to have an awakening, I strongly disagree that anything should resort to violence (unless it’s self defense). ANTIFA is also anti-government and anti-capitalist. I wonder where they’re getting money, if they’re against business... It is true that some large corporations are inherently bad (Monsanto, for example), not all of them are. Corporations enforce competition and competition generally encourages research, development and growth. Again, some are not great companies, but you can shoot them all down or destroy them all. Where would we be without some of them and where would we be without some government organizations. If it wasn’t for NASA, we’d all still be writing in pencil on Big Chief tablets... am I right?

There are many different groups who are now upset because of ‘cultural appropriation’ and say that they can’t function because someone braids their hair a certain way, dresses a certain way, or uses a term that they identify with. Now they have to protest and riot because their feelings are hurt and they have to attack others and demand financial renumeration because of the supposed infraction. Really? Does that mean that since I was born blonde, I can collect money from EVERY PERSON who has ever told a blonde joke? Did those blonde jokes every stifle my ability to work, grow, learn, gain housing or anything else? To be honest... good or bad, all of those things were determined solely on my own personal efforts. (and for the record, I used to have a HUGE collection of blonde jokes, because I thought they were funny)

When I was 20, I had to drop out of college, because I couldn’t afford the tuition, although I had a good paying full-time job. I was paying for my car, my apartment, my living expenses, my furniture... everything needed to survive, I was paying for it myself. For that reason, it was hard for me to come up with enough money for school and I just couldn’t see getting expensive loans to continue (even in 1980). For that reason, I had to drop out. It was my decision. I wasn’t oppressed or held back by any one or any thing (except lack of money), but I owned it and made the decision. If I had continued, I would have been an attorney - probably corporate, which would probably make me even more of a target to some of these hate groups. So I didn’t have the career I wanted and I’ve never made the salary that I had originally thought would be appropriate. This was MY decision and MY responsibility. Would you believe that I never once rioted because of not being able to finish school? Imagine that!

Now we get to the ‘snowflakes’. These are the people who are so incredibly pissed that Donald Trump won the election, they hate everyone they even think voted for him - whether they did or not. They hate everything he does, they hate everyone he works with. It doesn’t matter what he does... they’re going to focus on their absolute hatred of him and what he supposedly stands for. In all honesty... I have ZERO tolerance for any group of people who want to be mad for the sake of being mad. Here’s an excellent example of what some have said lately:

Last week, Texas was hammered by hurricane Harvey. Entire towns and communities have been destroyed. Homes, businesses gone. Lives lost. What many don’t quite realize is that probably 90% of the people who lost their homes and businesses because of this storm, will not be reimbursed by insurance, because the loss was due to flooding. Very few people carry flood insurance, because it is expensive and when you’re far away from water, you don’t think you need it. We have about 100,000 homes destroyed just in Houston and most will not be rebuilt because there is no money. Current FEMA payouts have been $1,000 or less per family and they get up to two week’s worth of vouchers for a hotel. After that... they’re on their own. BUT... what are the snowflakes saying about all of this? “Melania wore high heels in the plane to Texas” It didn’t matter that when she got out of the plane she was in jeans and tennis shoes - it was all about her wearing high heels. But that wasn’t all, because Donald was slammed for not knowing how to load a truck when he was helping with supplies. Maybe he didn’t load a box the way someone else may have done it, but that didn’t matter, because that’s what they focused on while people’s lives were falling apart, and loved ones were either missing or dead. Putting a freaking box in the back of a truck! Give me a break!

The conservatives have been total asses, too. Some of them think that people who are gay are that way by choice, so they must be ‘forced’ into being straight, or they are feel that anyone who is different from them should have zero rights. WRONG!!! God made us in many images... deal with it! They also believe that anyone who has liberal leanings wants to give everything away for free or they want to let every Tom, Dick & Harry into the US to do whatever they want... on the taxpayer’s dime. Many also believe that liberal females want to have abortions right and left, instead of using birth control - that they don’t value human life.

So is ANY of this true about anyone? (There are so many more of these groups that could be added to this, but I have a life I have to get back to.) YES... some of these assumptions may have a ring of truth, but that doesn’t mean that everyone is all bad. We are all individuals, who need to drop the damn labels that we’re giving ourselves and each other.

The overriding truth of the entire thing is that humanity is totally screwed-up and it’s not getting any better. We are killing ourselves and everyone around us with all of these belief systems that are TOXIC to ourselves and others. Think of what we’re teaching children, when they hear or see this. What are we showing them? Will they continue on with our legacy of intolerance and hatred - possibly making it worse in the future? Do you want that for your children or grandchildren?

Do you want to see a change in the world?

• Drop the labels.

• Take personal responsibility for what happens in your life.

• Treat others with respect and honor.

• Have a little compassion for someone who isn’t exactly like you.

• Stop whining about what you don’t like and start working (peacefully & productively) on what you do want.

• Whether you believe in a Higher Power or not... spend time in meditation, so that you can get grounded and focused about what you want in life.

• Dig deep and see if you can find a shred of something in yourself that you can build on for improvement.

• Try forgiveness... it’s more for you than it is for the other person.

• Let go of that freaking ‘blame game’. It doesn’t look good on anyone!

• Accept the fact, gracefully, that you just might be wrong about a few of your beliefs - it’s ok!

• Completely eliminate the word ‘hate’ from your vocabulary.

• Have ZERO TOLERANCE for others who still cling to these ideologies or who want to attack others - let them know that this is not acceptable behavior around you.

• Let go of the TOXIC in your life. Stop watching so much main stream media (you know they do all the bad stuff for ratings). If someone in your social media group is toxic, either call them out on it or delete them. If you’re doing good stuff, you don’t have the time or energy for their bullshit.

• Cut out the crap, the toxic, the negativity, the labels - and focus on accepting others and celebrating our differences.

• Remember that wonderful Cherokee story about the two wolves and decide which one you want to feed.

THIS is how you are going to see a change in the world. One person at a time, until it comes in a huge rush and flood of compassion and understanding.

This isn’t some Polyanna, will-never-happen-in-a-million-years outlook. I know that we’ll never be perfect and there will always be negative things that happen... it’s called life. BUT... we don’t have to add to it and it’s all really about how we respond to the negative. That is the key... don’t add to the pain and suffering of others. Don’t drag-up something that happened hundreds or thousands of years ago and say that’s the reason why you aren’t having a perfect life today. We all need to put on our big-girl and big-boy panties and move forward into a new paradigm where there is respect, honor, compassion, acceptance and love. This doesn’t mean that you have to give-up some of your core conservative or liberal beliefs, because that’s what makes this world more interesting. Be proud of your heritage, but don’t allow that to be all you are... because we really are so much more than our past. We are our future.

Don’t keep thinking that your way is the only way and that everyone else is wrong.

Now get out there and share the love, damn it!




The Eclipse

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Today was the long-awaited solar eclipse in Leo. This is a time of really intense energies that have been felt the world over.

People have been extra-crazy for the past several days, leading up to this cosmic event. Even those who are the calmest and most rational seem to have had their psycho moments - but why?

Every time we have a New Moon or a Full Moon, we have intense energies that affect the planet and all beings who inhabit the planet. Now many people don’t believe this for a minute and while I disagree with them, I also don’t argue with them, because if they’re not ready to understand, it doesn’t matter how logically I explain it... they won’t ‘hear’ the message.

The facts are that the sun and moon greatly affect the earth. The sun causes winds and storms, while the moon affects the tides and currents. Without either... life on earth would not exist. So think about this, if the moon can affect the flow of the oceans, what can it do to a body that is 50-65% fluid? We feel that gravitational pull, whether we recognize it or not. That is why you find all sorts of interesting information in the Farmer’s Almanac about what to do during different cycles of the moon - from planting crops, castrating animals or cutting your hair. It all works, too!

All of the stars and planets around us also participate with their own gravitational pull. They have different distances to earth, based on their own rotation of the sun, and through that, they affect some of the goings-on that happen right here! That’s also how astrologers receive their information, through the ways that other stars/planets/constellations affect this planet and the people who live here. I’m not an astrologer, but I do follow several brilliant ones, and then take the consensus and my own intuition when I write things here.

Now back to the eclipse. This is a once-in-a-lifetime event for those in the United States, where the total eclipse was seen from one side of our country to the other. Most other areas were able to see about 70% of the effect, which is where I fall because of living in Texas.

Being a healer and light worker, I had been thinking about this a lot over the past week. Since this is a major event, what should I do? Should I go outside and watch? Should I stay inside and pray or meditate? Should I join a group online? Should I do a live feed while the eclipse occurs? So many options and I had no idea what would be best.

My ‘peak’ eclipse time was around 1:11 pm today, which I thought was a particularly auspicious time. But... as of this morning, I still had no clue what I should do. As the time grew closer, my mind was spinning, while my head felt like it was going to explode. The pressure was intense, I was nauseated, my back was completely out of alignment and my joints were highly inflamed. I didn’t want to take medications, because I wanted to be 100% clear for this event. That was important to me, besides the fact that I knew that all of these things were caused by the event, so I decided to tough it out.

About an hour before our peak time, I received an email with a link for a guided global meditation, that was to be done at everyone’s respective times. Perfect! So I decided to go into my ‘fairy garden’ for the event. My fairy garden is an area in the back yard that is almost completely covered by the branches of an enormous tree. It’s like being inside a cathedral when you look up inside that tree. It grows like crazy and the branches reach down, as though they are going to completely embrace you. I have lots of plants, a fairy garden and lots of seating under the tree. It’s a beautiful spot with incredible energy, where you always feel a breeze and can hear the wind chimes all the time. It also looks out onto the pastures and a view of over 20 miles, so it’s really nice.

As I stepped through the gate, about 20 minutes before the eclipse, a giant hawk flew out from under the tree. This was amazing, because hawks don’t generally go this low or under these types of trees - they prefer to stay up very high and in the tops of trees, but this hawk was here to deliver the message, that I had made the right choice. As I sat down in one of the chairs, it was getting slightly darker, but the sky only had a few clouds and the hot Texas sun was beating down at about 96 degrees already. I began the guided meditation and it was beautiful. The entire intention of the meditation is to heal the earth and her inhabitants, to fill them with peace and harmony and to create a world where we can all live in peacefully. All during this meditation (about 20 minutes), there was a beautiful soft breeze. I envisioned it as brushing all the hate, anger, and hostilities aside so that we can focus on love. During the eclipse, all was quiet - no birds singing, no cicadas clattering, no cows mooing... nothing. The horses were napping under the trees and the dogs were dead asleep. The cats had earlier been running around psychotically, were also now at peace and my headache and all the pain I had been experiencing... it all went away.

After the meditation, I stayed sitting there, appreciating the blessings that I have and saying a prayer of thanks for them, as well as the blessing of peace that will enfold the world. I know this will happen. Maybe not today, but it will happen soon. I kept getting the feeling that there would be another major event that would bring the entire world together. Kind-of like the Apollo 13 rescue, where everyone was pulling together to save the astronauts. I wasn’t getting that this would be something catastrophic or that people would die, just that it would bring everyone together, and that was a great thing. I sincerely hope and pray that it happens, because we really need it.

But the focus of the day - for me - was about sharing love and light. It is about loving everyone around us - not just those who agree with our philosophies. EVERYONE!

I’ve been so disappointed over the past several months with different lightworkers who are preaching love in one moment, yet encouraging hate with many of their online posts and messages. You can’t have it both ways... you are either teaching one or the other, because together, they cancel each other out. There has been entirely too much division over the past several years, and it’s only getting worse. If we don’t do something to make a change... it will tear all of humanity down, as we will be fighting against each other, regardless of where we live.

The angels have told me (as well as several astrologers) that this time is an opportunity to hit a cosmic reset button. This is our chance to start over - to begin again. I wonder how many of us will take that opportunity and do something to promote significant change in our lives and our world?

You might be asking, “How do I make this change? How do I start over?” Obviously we can’t always change every single thing that is going on in the world or the people who are in power - but we can change our opinions of it, and as we do that, we start changing the energy and the frequency around that person and the situation.

For example: Many people feel very strongly about President Trump. There is a lot of anger, hatred and fear. Just for a moment, think about how you could help change all of this energy to something positive. By simply changing your thoughts and feelings about the person and the situation, you can change the energy and the frequency. You don’t have to like this person, but you can ask God or the Universe to help him make the right decisions for our country. The same goes for leaders of every other country in the world. Even if you don’t like that person, ask that they receive Divine Guidance in their duties and their decisions. Turn it over to God or the Universe. Let go of the hate, anger and fear, because you’re only hurting yourself and those around you. This doesn’t mean that we have to change our opinions about that person - but we are changing our feelings from something negative to something positive and that creates an important shift for each one of us.

Now this goes for political leaders, heads of corporations, your boss, family members, neighbors or acquaintances. Press that reset button and start changing your internal thoughts, feelings and emotions surrounding that person. As that they be healed of whatever is causing their ill behavior. Forgive them for that they may have done to you. Forgive yourself for any part that you have played in the situation. Then pray for a peaceful and loving solution to whatever happens. Does that mean that you have to be best friends with that person now? No! What it does mean is that you are going to stop poisoning yourself with anger and hatred and you are going to start raising your own vibrational frequency higher. In the process, you are going to raise the frequency of those around you and the person that you are praying for. Suddenly... that reset for our planet is within reach and we can create a more beautiful and loving world.

The biggest question that this brings us to is this:

Are you willing to put your ego aside, to ask for Divine Guidance and forgiveness for those people you do not personally like?

That’s what I see as being the big lesson for us all with this eclipse. Are we willing to let go of the ego so we can move forward?

This brings me back to the hawk being in my garden and showing himself as I entered. When you research the meaning behind hawk medicine, you’ll find that the hawk is all about obtaining enlightenment. The hawk holds the key to higher consciousness and his superior eyesight reminds us that we can see the vision for a brighter future, but we must be willing to soar high above the fray, so that we can see the bigger picture, which will enable us to thrive. The hawk reminds us also to see other’s perspective and to look to the wisdom of that insight. Hawk is a powerful spirit animal and I am blessed to have this one with me, but I am doubly blessed that he chose to bring this message to us all today.




It is Not a Freaking Competition!

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I have to share an exchange I recently had in messenger with someone about this page. A gentleman sent me a message wanting to know if I had experienced “time and untime”. My response was that there is no such thing as ‘literal’ time or distance based on Spirituality and physics. This is something that Einstein and others have always said when it comes to energy, there are no limitations. That’s what I base my information on, as well as the unlimited depth and breadth of the Universe. Spirit is eternal, so that is where my answer came from. Right or wrong... it’s my thought and belief, although my knowledge of physics is much less that I’d like for it to be.

The gentleman’s response was that he was looking at things from a much larger scope... he was looking at the big picture, and if I was ‘enlightened’, I would be able to see this, too. He also mentioned some teachings that I’m not familiar with and I told him I didn’t know about them, so I was not able to answer to those teachings.

After this, the gentleman continued to try to ‘prove’ how ‘enlightened’ he was... as opposed to my not being ‘enlightened’, because I tried to explained that this is not a competition. I believe that everyone is exactly where they’re supposed to be and we are ALL at different levels of growth spiritually.

Then he began with the insults, because he felt that I was not nearly as ‘enlightened’ as he is and that I was misleading people (or something to that effect). I reminded him that this ‘enlightenment’ competition is nothing except ego and that I have never and will never refer to myself as being enlightened and I’m sure as hell not interested in trying to have a competition with someone.

I also suggested that if he wanted to be considered seriously, that he should pay more attention to his spelling and grammar, as he was intentionally misspelling words (I assume to make it appear cooler or something). Ok... maybe I shouldn’t have tried to be the grammar police, but if you ask me for my opinion... I will give it and any attempts to misspell most of your words, is distracting to the message - in my opinion.

Anyway... the guy become hostile, so I ended all communication - but it made me think...

What are we creating with some of these teachings?

Why does someone feel that it’s necessary to do the ‘ego thing’, comparing themselves to someone that they don’t even know or have never communicated with before?

We do know this isn’t a race or competition, right?

There aren’t any ribbons for 1st place or anything like that. It’s a continual process of learning and growing from one lifetime to the next... hopefully, always learning from our mistakes.

This ego thing has me worried, to be honest. The ego has no place in spirituality, and those who are focusing on it, have more lessons to learn. This reminds me of those who use titles excessively. You know... The Reverend, Doctor, Holy Spiritual Guru, Jane Doe, PhD of Metaphysics, Shamanism, and ultimate Reiki Goddess of the Universe. Alright... this is an exaggeration, but I know you guys have seen people who add as many different titles to their name as possible, simply as a status symbol.

Let’s get honest... it only costs $15 to get ordained online, so there’s your divinity. To get a degree in metaphysics usually costs around $50-100 for the certifications and documents. (although there are some who have legitimate online courses that take a couple years to complete.) Shamanism is passed-down after YEARS of work and study - plus true shamans will never refer to themselves as such; and when it comes to Reiki or other healing modalities, yes... there are a zillion certifications you can get. Some are real and some are little more than buying certificates to add to your pile.

I am all for learning more - in fact, I try to attend 2-3 classes each year to learn something different. I’ve got enough certificates to paper the living room - but when it comes down to it, I am not those certificates - I am who I truly am and how I act or respond to things.

Having a million certifications won’t make someone a better or more spiritual person, but it does help inflate that fragile ego, in many cases, and that’s what we have to watch out for. It’s the people who are focused on THAT aspect of spirituality... of placing themselves up on a pedestal so that they feel better about who they are, because they are suddenly better and more advanced than someone else. They are the ones that all of us need to watch out for.

No one person is better than another. No one is more spiritual than another. One may have a better personal spiritual practice that they adhere to - but that makes them more disciplined (in my book). We are all still human beings. We have flaws. We have insecurities and we have pride. We have failings and successes. We make mistakes and sometimes we are perfect. We get angry. We get happy. We help others or we might turn a blind eye to a situation. That’s just who we are as human beings - that won’t change.

It is not our responsibility to determine or judge where anyone is on their spiritual journey, because we are all at different levels and have different lessons to learn.

The world is in a huge mess right now and we need everyone to help bring things together. People are judging each other for everything: race, religion, gender, what you think someone things or what you think someone does.

Our world has gotten completely out of hand and we need to focus on bringing people together... not having ridiculous competitions over who is more ‘enlightened’.

In my completely unsolicited opinion... we ALL need to check our ego at the door. Please don’t fall into this trap, because it will destroy all the good that you’ve created in your life.

Spend some time on our knees in prayer and meditation. Go within for the answers to your questions and ask God/Spirit/Source what you need to do. The Angels will deliver the messages and help you on your journey. Even when I do sessions for people, I am helping to teach them how to do these things for themselves. My job is to empower others to do what I do, because everyone can!

This is not a race. We are all eternal souls, who have been here forever and we’ll be here until the end of time. We’re all going to end-up at the same place and we’re all learning essentially the same lessons. None of this is going to change.

What can change is our attitude while we make this journey. Are we going to go through life focusing on love, compassion and forgiveness? Or do we want to make this trip with anger, fear, and ego?

Decide what you want to focus your attention on and the Universe will make it happen... positive or negative. As always... the choice is yours to make...




A HARD Lesson in Detachment

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This is a really tough lesson and it’s one that I’m having to learn right now in a very big way. I don’t like it - it sucks, to be honest - but it happened for a reason and that’s what lessons are all about.

A couple weeks ago, I was approached to help a child battling cancer. Most people don’t know this about me, but I used to work with two foundations who granted wishes and helped kids with cancer or life-threatening diseases. This has always been one of my passions and although I am no longer with those organizations, I still try to do this on a personal level. This was my intention with the child that was brought to my attention.

After getting some information about the child and connecting with family members, there were two things that would have been really exciting and uplifting for her: knights and princesses, and Star Wars. This was a piece-of-cake!

Because I know people who have such varied interests, this really was easy to accommodate. So I began putting one group together for a visit. It was going to be great - we would spend some time with the child, do our best to be inspirational and supportive, bring gifts, whatever we could to inspire this kid to fight and beat the diagnosis, right?

We put together a plan and the people I invited to do this with me invited others to come along as well. Not many... just a few to help lend support and to really let this kid know that we cared. It was a great group and I knew everyone who was invited, so it was perfect. But there was one person added to the group - at the last minute, that I didn’t know. Someone who was supposed to be there to take a video and a few photos so that we could share it with the family. I thought it was a great idea, so I went with it.

We all load-up and make the 2+ hour drive to the hospital. We go in, do our thing, give the child about $200 in gifts (that I paid for) and did our best to be respectful and uplifting. We actually did a great job and the child seemed to be a bit overwhelmed (as it was a surprise), but extremely happy. Things between us and the child really did go well and the gifts appeared to be really appreciated. In all honesty... if we inspired the child and helped create amazing memories... our job was done.

But... there were some things that really didn’t appear to be right during the visit. We started off with the photographer meeting privately with the family, before I had a chance to go in and introduce myself as the person they had been communicating with. I let it slide. During the visit - everyone was introduced except for me. I let it slide. I noticed that this ‘photographer’ wasn’t even using her camera - but was taking photos with her phone. Still... I didn’t say anything. During the visit, the ‘photographer’ kept telling the mom that if she wanted to contact anyone - that they should get with her and that she would get them connected. That wasn’t right and it irritated me a bit, but I let it go. At the end of the visit, when everyone was leaving the room, I walked over to the mother and introduced myself to her and the child, then told them that I had more surprises coming for her in the coming weeks and would be back in touch.

By the time we got out of the parking lot and back on the highway to head home, the ‘photographer’ had already posted photos about the visit, taking credit for it all. She completely left me out of ALL the photos, and she didn’t credit anyone else for taking an entire day off of work to make this visit. It was all about her. I was livid. Since we had ridden in different vehicles, there was a heated discussion (by everyone) in the one that I was in and supposedly she was told to stop posting photos without permission. She didn’t and just kept right on posting photos about how she was a key part of this event.

We grabbed lunch and headed back to our meeting point, of which I still had another hour’s ride to get home. I didn’t look at FB any more, just checked my email, took care of the animals and went to bed exhausted. The next morning I sent a thank you note to the family, letting them know how much we appreciated the opportunity to meet and spend time with the child. Although the mom normally responded back to me pretty quickly every other time - this time there was no response. I checked the child’s FB page to see if something had happened, but the mom was corresponding with other people - including the ‘photographer’ - so it didn’t seem as though there was a medical emergency, thank God!

Later I sent a note to the child’s relative who had originally contacted me. Again... I normally received a response fairly quickly, but not this time. No response at all, in spite of the fact that I was trying to line-up the next round of visitors for her.

What can I take from this? Obviously, my involvement as the organizer of the visit was very quickly eliminated and something must have been said to the family. I’m not the type of person who tries to take credit for things like this. I give all credit to those who are helping with the visit, but I do like to follow-up with the family and stay in touch. And yes, being included in the group photo would have been nice - rather than intentionally cropping me out of the image. It would have been nice to be introduced to the family, just as everyone else in the group was - rather than standing next to the bed, but being eliminated from the entire conversation - while handing out gifts.

I’m not a front-line kind of person - but I don’t like being completely ignored and pushed aside while I’m standing right there in the middle of the room. To me, that’s wrong and disrespectful. Especially if I brought everyone together. I don’t need a chorus of Hallelujahs sung for me, but just a mention of my name would be really nice.

To be honest... this really hurt. I didn’t do it for the glory or the credit... but I hate having a perfect stranger come in and completely shut me out and destroy my communication with the family. Why? What did I do that was so wrong? I pulled people together to help encourage a child. I bought that child gifts. I didn’t even get a “go to hell” from the family or anyone else... although a simple ‘thank you’ would have been amazing.

I had been thinking about creating a small foundation to help facilitate visits like this and was contacting people that I knew would be a huge asset to making these visits amazing. But now... I’m wondering if I should even bother any more. Am I helping anyone or am I just setting myself up for more people to attack me?

Personally... I’m freaking tired of the attacks. I try to do things with a good and open heart. I never try to take credit for things - only giving credit and thanks to those who have helped me make it happen. It hurts. Yes... I’m really wounded over this one and it’s going to take a LONG time to understand why someone wanted to do this.

A lesson in detachment... you bet! But really... does anyone like being completely dismissed... then ostracized simply for going out of their way and doing something nice for another person? I don’t get it and maybe I never will.






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I want to begin this post with a statement: this is not a ‘poor me’ message or one looking for sympathy. This message is about self-discovery & understanding what & who I am. Maybe in my quest, I can help others understand who they are, as well.

The other day I was scrolling through Facebook & came upon a meme that I thought was funny. It said something to the effect of “If you line up all your ex lovers in a row you can see the flow chart of your mental illness”. My immediate thought upon seeing this was, “well... isn’t that the truth?” & I moved on. But... somewhere in the back of my mind, this phrase must have stayed, because this morning, I woke up thinking about the patterns of my life & what it means.

This brought to mind a gentleman that I dated while in my mid-twenties. I haven’t thought of him in years & had no reason to, so why did he pop-up in my mind? There’s a lesson to be had. Here’s a brief synopsis of the relationship:

We met through work - both professionals, in the same industry, but working at different jobs on the same project. About 4-5 months after working together, he moved to another project & we began dating. Everything was great & we got along famously. About 9 months into the relationship he took me on a luxury vacation to Mexico & suggested that we move in together. Was I elated? YES! We did the ‘meet the parents’ thing & I even received approval from his step-mom, who was notoriously difficult. My parents liked him & we were good to go! I moved in to his townhouse, we got a dog, it was the picture-perfect relationship. We were so in snyc that we actually had cars that were almost identical.

The relationship wasn’t perfect, but it was really pretty good - at least I thought so at the time. He worked a lot & I was little Miss Domestic - all was well. About 6 months into this aspect of the relationship he became a little moody & almost secretive, with lots of phone calls to his dad, who lived in another state. I didn’t think anything about it & carried on as usual, until one Saturday morning, when everything turned upside down.

I was in the master bedroom/bathroom, changing sheets, sorting laundry, straightening up & he was in his ‘office’ which was the loft area outside the master. He was a architect & had been busy making revisions to a mansion for a Saudi Prince, so I wasn’t about to disturb him & was quiet while doing my chores. The phone rang & it sounded like he was talking to his best friend. I wasn’t listening, but focusing on what I was doing, until I heard him say, “I can talk. She’s downstairs doing stuff.” at which point... I’m listening, right? (who wouldn’t after hearing that phrase?)

He then proceeds to tell his best friend that yes, he is moving to Arizona in the coming weeks to start a business with his father. No, he’s not taking me & never intended to do so. He then explains to his friend that he only had me move in because he needed some help in paying his mortgage & that I didn’t mean anything to him - he was going to ‘cut her loose’ in the next couple weeks, before he started his move.

I don’t remember anything else, because at that point, I went into the bathroom, shut the door & cried my eyes out. What the hell? I was just being used to help him pay his mortgage? Nothing about our relationship was real? How on earth did I get back into a ‘user’ relationship & not even realize what was going on? (more on that later) I was so shocked & hurt that I didn’t even confront him about it. What can one say when they are totally rejected in this manner?

Over the next couple weeks I found a new place to live & proceeded to move out of his house. Broken, feeling like I had no value, no worth other than the money that I made. This was very similar to my previous relationship, so my faith in men & humanity was gone... just as my faith in myself, which had always been fleeting, was now obliterated.

Three years before, I met Prince Charming. The most devastatingly wonderful man on the planet. We had a very unconventional meeting & I fell for him immediately. If I could have created the ‘perfect man’ for me, it would have been this guy. I was 21 years old, getting started in my professional career & he was in his last year of law school. Our first date was on the day that Lady Diana Spencer married Prince Charles, so obviously that’s a good sign, right? This man was amazing... intelligent, handsome, personable, funny, a great conversationalist, had a wide range of interests & pushed me to be a better person... perfection. We dated throughout his senior year & I was crowned the ‘world’s most supportive girlfriend’. I helped him study, I got along great with his siblings, family & friends. He passed the BAR exam & started his first ‘real’ job as an attorney & was doing great. We were still together, although each of us maintained a separate apartment, most of the time I was at his place. We were the ‘golden couple’... perfect in every way. His sister & I were friends & she even mentioned the fact that he had acquired a family heirloom ring recently. Things were looking beautiful, magical & it appeared that the fairy tale had arrived for me!  Well... I couldn't have been more wrong in my life, because the "perfect relationship" was a one-way street!

One day I stopped by his office, but he was out with a client. I went in & sat at his desk for a few minutes to write-out a grocery list before finishing my errands. I looked around for a piece of note paper & found a spiral notebook on his credenza, so I grabbed it to pull a sheet out.

When I opened the notebook, I turned to a page that had my name written about mid-ways down. I had no idea what this was about, so I started reading & discovered that this was a journal. He was writing about our relationship. I could tell by what he was writing that these were this thoughts... this wasn’t for anything else. In fact, I knew that he used to keep journals, so I wasn’t surprised other than the fact that he had this sitting out in the open & not put away, as one would expect. What did surprise me is what he wrote. It seems that his relationship with me was a matter of convenience - he even said that it held no significance in his life - that I was there as a distraction from the pressures of school & now work, & nothing more.

My entire world was shattered in that instant. Why didn’t I matter? We had been together for two years! I had helped & supported him through the last year of law school, through the BAR exam & then the stresses of finding that first law firm to work with. I was nothing to him? What do you say or do after reading someone’s most intimate thoughts about you? I certainly hadn’t gone in there snooping or trying to find something. I just needed a piece of paper to write down everything I needed for a special dinner for him.

I threw on my sunglasses & left his office immediately through the back door - never to return again. I was crushed & had received the ultimate rejection from someone that I had given my heart, soul & body to. I gave him 110% of me & asked nothing of him - yet he never had the decency to let me know how he truly felt.

I never truly got over this rejection & didn’t date again for quite a while. When I finally did... I met the first guy I told you about & now you know that story. So what does this say about me? Am I truly that unworthy of being loved or do I just choose the wrong men to trust & share my life with?

I later reconnect with a man who had been a good friend in high school & I had dated briefly after I graduated. We got along great, but split because his family kept pressuring him to marry me, but we were 19/20 years old & didn’t need to do that yet, so we went our separate ways. Now we were 25. He was getting a divorce after a short-term marriage & I was refusing to get serious with anyone & committed my time, energy & efforts to my career - it was easier & less painful that way.

We ended-up getting married at age 26 & 14 months later welcomed a baby girl into our lives. I LOVED being a mom, even though I was a bit overwhelmed. He appeared to enjoy being a dad, but his feelings for me seemed to change. I devoted ALL of my time, energy & efforts into being the best mom that I could be & while I was working at a traditional job, I was also building my own business so that I could be a semi-stay at home mom with our daughter. By the time she was 18 months, I was able to quit the regular job & focus on her & building my consulting business. I did really well & received national recognition within the first year. Not bad for the pre-computer/internet era!

He started drifting away. First it was weekend golf trips. Then it was weekend fishing trips. Then it became weekend partying/yacht racing. Female friends began to be introduced to me & questions started arising, but I held on, for the sake of my daughter. She & I did everything together (because he was either at work during the week or partying on weekends). She studied dance, rode horses & then later I started buying horses, so she & I did that & horse shows. He would come watch occasionally, but normally was too busy with his social life to attend. We drifted apart & after 18 years of marriage, I filed for divorce. We were great friends... we just should never had gotten married, because he’s really not the relationship kind of person. He is 100% dedicated to his mom, which is great, but when he kept putting her wants & needs before our family - it was a problem for me. He’s married again & we actually have a good & friendly relationship when we see each other now, but there were some rough times in the beginning getting all of that sorted out.

As part of this self-reflection journey, I’ve also come to realize that I have reached expert-level at attracting narcissists into my life. I was raised by a horrible one, who excelled at keeping her narcissistic side hidden from everyone - especially my dad, who I’m convinced never knew that she was as bad as she treated me. He died when I was 28 & then she was free to show her narcissistic self so much more & she fully expressed her disdain for me every time we were together - especially in public, because then she could humiliate me in front of people & she LOVED to do that. It didn’t matter that what she said was mostly lies... it was just that she could tear me down in front of other people & I would not fight back or defend myself.

Not too long ago I reconnected with one of my aunts who was able to give me even more insight into some of the family dynamics that I grew up in. My mother had complete disdain for everyone on my father’s side of the family, but it appears that in the earlier years, she said & did a lot that let them know who she really was. Maybe that’s why she backed-away from them. I also learned that when I was young, my father realized that my mom had ‘issues’ but he didn’t know who to deal with them & he didn’t think that she was doing anything harmful to me (he just wasn’t aware of it at the time). He was from an ‘old school family’ that didn’t discuss things like that, so his response was to work two jobs & stay away from home more, to avoid her wrath. Since his death, I’ve received many messages from my father - through mediums who know nothing of my story. In these messages he apologizes for ‘abandoning’ me (by working all the time) & allowing the abuse to go on. That he really had no idea of how she was treating me in private or how sick she really is. He’s has also relayed that she & my sister are both ‘sick’ & that I was “the good one” & full of love. There’s nothing wrong with me. I can’t tell you how wonderful it’s been to hear these messages from various sources, but it still hasn’t healed the scars.

It was she who launched me into this journey of struggling to survive narcissistic relationships. I honestly barely survived my early years having to deal with a woman who obviously was two different people, but no one ever saw this except for me. She had me & others convinced that I was ‘mentally retarded’ (that’s the phrase that was used at the time) & that I was crazy because I couldn’t reconcile these two different people who were my mom. One, everyone thought was wonderful & the other was mean, cruel & abusive. I literally used to sit in my closet with books to hide from her wrath - which got even worse after she had my sister, when I was 7 years old. After my sister was born, things got even worse for me & I was verbally, emotionally & physically abused by my mother & later my sister, every day of my life until I left home - then they did it more when they saw & spoke to me. This didn’t stop until I was about 48 & after 30 years of trying to ‘talk it out’ with my mother, finally had to stop seeing or speaking with her, because she would not stop the harassment, telling outrageous lies about me or the verbal abuse that she had so enjoyed throughout my life.

Once again, I am in a less than ideal relationship, but this one has shown me the patterns & what I am learning & working on. Don’t misunderstand me... I’m not perfect & I’m not a victim. I know that I’m not always easy to live with... who is? I have scars, I have baggage, & for obvious reasons, I have trust issues.

The most ironic thing about this entire story is that even as a small child, all I ever wanted was a big, loving family & I never once have had this... even for a moment. Instead... I have a beautiful daughter, son-in-law & precious grandson who live several states away from me & a husband who has become a narcissist (because of a shock to his body, mind & soul) & who travels 98% of the time.

I am alone, except for my animals. Alone on birthdays, holidays, every day. I spend my time learning, studying, & working... trying to help others so that they won’t have this pain or have to deal with this abuse. I’ve learned about how to successfully deal with narcissists & how to not accept their abuse. I’ve learned about exit strategies & most importantly, how to shield.

Through these experiences of betrayal & abuse, I’ve learned how to become a Bad-Ass Spiritual Warrior. I’ve learned tools & techniques to cope, protect & guide oneself through the maze, to come out triumphant on the other end. This is why I am here & why I have experienced all of these things & a whole lot more, so that I can help others on a level that other mentors can not.

I may not have been able to have that beautiful, fairy-tale, loving family life that I always wanted & that does hurt - I have to admit, because it’s a hole in my heart that probably will never be filled. But what I have accomplished is the ability to help & serve others, those who have head to deal with similar situations & need someone who understands the true meaning of betrayal.

So I guess, in the grand scheme of things... this is a good thing after all, because there’s one thing that I know for sure... I AM A SURVIVOR & I’ve learned how to thrive, even in the most difficult of times.

Just like the lotus, you have to go through the mud to reach the Light & to shine!

Love & blessings,




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Good morning, Angels! This week’s message is just a bit different – I’m not entirely sure why, other than the fact that I believe that Spirit wanted this information written down, rather than spoken today, because the message that Spirit wanted to share is about discernment.

For me, discernment means to determine what is intrinsically best, without judgment & given the situation, based on the knowledge & wisdom that I have received. But for this message, I wanted to go to the dictionary for a true definition of the word. What I found was 1. the ability to judge well; 2. perception in the absence of judgment with a view to obtaining spiritual direction & understanding. These are excellent descriptions of the message that is being conveyed to us today.

So what is this discernment about? I asked that question to my Angels & the answer that I received is that (in MY words, not theirs) this world is so screwed-up right now & people are getting upset about everything they see or hear. Rather than holding their opinions about things or addressing them in a much more subtle manner, these days they’re throwing tantrums, staging marches or even riots, they are being disrespectful of others & even attacking people for not only what they believe – but what someone thinks they might believe. Hardly anyone receives respect these days & many people are out there persecuting people who think or believe something differently from them. Tolerance flew out the window a long time ago. Now it’s a “my way or the highway” approach to everything & that is destructive for everyone.

What has happened to us? We weren’t like this 10 years ago! Things have changed so drastically that now if two people politely disagree on a subject, rather than talking it out, they immediately go straight for the jugular & start slinging personal attacks. Why is this? Have we, as a society fallen so far that we can’t have a normal difference of opinion or discussion about anything? If things are this bad about simple aspects of life… how are we going to be 10-15-20 years from now?

I’m told that first of all, this is a normal, yet very painful growth spirt for humanity. Those of us who are parents remember that charming phase our children went through with the “terrible twos”, when our babies began forming their own identity – then the early teen years, when they tried to exert their independence & it was one long challenge after another with them? Yes, those were trying times to be certain – but we always made it through them, a little tired, a little cranky & extremely grateful that we didn’t strangle each other during the process.

This is where humanity is right now… we are in the early teen years & we are giving our parents hell! We want to be independent. We don’t want any one human to be ‘in charge of us’ & we don’t want a Spiritual Being to ‘be the boss of us’. We are essentially being “pain-in-the-ass-brats!” We are doing our best to pull away from any authority figure that we’ve ever had, plus we’re still immature enough to make some really bad choices in our collective lives. Remember, I’m not talking about us as individuals, but humanity as a whole.

As with individuals, there are some who are being “the good kids” & trying to follow the rules, but as a whole, we are “acting up” quite a bit. Fortunately, I’m told that God will not be “grounding us”, for which I’m grateful – but on the other hand, I kind-of wish he’d lay a hand to the backside of humanity to get rid of all this anger, hatred, bitterness, jealously, and fear.

But it’s a process… just like growing up is a process. We were all brats at one time or another, because it was important for our development for us to pull away from authority figures, so that we could become our own authority. It’s a part of growing up that everyone has to experience for growth & it’s important for humanity to go through this process, as well. Surprisingly enough, some of these issues are even going on with spiritual people – just as they are with the masses, so know (again) that this is part of the process. Spiritual people aren’t perfect & if they occasionally have an adverse reaction to something… we need to take it in stride. Remember that we are all humans here on the same planet, with the same screwed-up energy patterns right now.

Speaking of energy, all of this chaos is wreaking havoc for us empaths. One minute we’re all good, happy & at peace – then 10 minutes later we’re borderline psychotic because of the energy that we’ve picked-up along the way. When this happens, get grounded, recognize that this isn’t your energy, take a few deep breaths & ask your Angels to help clear all the negativity away from you. Also, you need to protect yourselves even more, energetically, because this is affecting us so very much more these days.

So where does that leave us with discernment? I believe that we need to use discernment in all that we say or do. We need to evaluate the responses of others when we approach them with less that favorable news or comments. Not everything is perfect or 100% right & people need to accept that without getting overly offended. Not every solution is right for every question. So what? You find the solution that works with the question or problem at hand. No one has to be offended, upset or feel that they are being infringed upon in any way. You just need to work out an equitable solution instead of getting mad or worse… getting even.

Use discernment when dealing with your own emotions. If someone says something that you don’t like, you have a choice: get mad, get even, or get away. Not everything has to be a confrontation, so we need to use discernment in our reactions & responses to different situations & with everyone that we connect with. We need to be mindful of the effect that this is having not only on us, but on others who may or may not have the tools in which to deal with this. Remember also that walking away is a strength that many do not have. Those who choose to walk away from a disagreement will be the ones who progress faster, because they aren’t wallowing in the ‘mud’ of anger, fear, confrontation, anxiety or stress.

Most importantly, stay connected with Spirit – at least once or twice each day, take a moment to get grounded & if nothing else, say a quick prayer asking for guidance & protection. And don’t give up! Just like our own teenage years, this isn’t going to last forever. We’re at the mid-way point right now – where it’s kind-of at its worst – but it will be getting better. Also, stay focused on what you DO want, as opposed to what you don’t want in life. Things are speeding up right now & we are manifesting practically at light speed – so certainly use discernment in what you choose to keep your focus on.

There is a light at the end of the tunnel & it’s coming up soon, so hang in there & know that your Angels are right beside you, ready to assist you through this process in every way possible.

With love,



Opportunities for Empowerment

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Right now we are faced with a lot of changes, as well as a multitude of opportunities to empower ourselves and each other! It is entirely up to us, as to which path we choose to take.

Yes, millions of people are completely wrapped in fear, because of the recent Presidential Inauguration. We've known since November who the new President would be, but suddenly in January, millions of people were having melt-downs over this. Why?

We all have our belief systems and reasons why we believe those things. I'm not going to get into that - because no one can force another to change their mind - one way or the other.

What I can ask you to do is take a deep breath, and focus on the 4 things listed below. This is our opportunity to make some positive changes for everyone - this is a great Spiritual Quest for us all!

Speak and think words of peace and love - to yourself and others. If you continue being angry about the election, what are you going to change about it now? That opportunity was several months ago, when you had the opportunity to vote. Getting in these angry social media tirades aren't going to change anything - except your friend's list and your blood pressure. No matter how many memes you post - it's not going to turn things around. All you are doing is working yourself into a frenzy, scattering your energy, your focus, and destroying your peace. How are you going to accomplish change that way? What are you adding to the conversation?

Say a prayer daily for Divine Guidance for all. Trust in God and the process. This doesn't mean that it's ok to pray for someone's demise, ok? Ask that God's Divine Will be accepted and followed by all. I'm not saying that the current President is Divinely anointed by God. But I am saying that there is a reason why this person was elected. Nothing happens by accident - this we know, so trust in that. God has handled MUCH more difficult stuff than this, I think he can handle this current issue just fine.

Let go of fear! We know that there are only two emotions - two paths - love and fear.

Love brings us emotions such as joy, gratitude, happiness, confidence, hope, serenity, pride, inspiration, kindness, compassion, connection with Spirit, and much, much more. Fear, on the other hand brings us anger, distrust, ego, aggression, hatred, bullying, self-destruction, feelings of victimization, vengeance, separation from Spirit, and so much more.

Seriously... which path would you prefer to be on?

When you see a ‘fact’, research it. Go to the source and get ALL the information before you make judgement or share it with others. There is so much ‘fake’ news out there these days! When you hear or read something that has ‘emotional triggers’, check it out. You’ll probably save yourself a lot of heartache by doing this. Not everyone has the same take on a subject, so if we go to the source, then we’ll have the factual information, without the opinions of someone else tied to the information. This is part of our important search for authentic truth right now and it is something that we all need to work on.

We have to keep remembering that everything has a purpose. Every relationship, everything that occurs in our lives – there are no accidents and it all has meaning. The past 8 years had meaning, and the next 4 years will have meaning. Not everyone might like it, but this current governmental administration is a direct reflection of the people of this country. They represent our shadow self – something that we ALL need to learn to accept and to work with.

The world isn’t going to come to an end and it’s not going to blow-up any time soon. But… it is a time for enormous growth and development; a great time for learning.

According to numerology, 2017 is a year of new beginnings, new opportunities. It has indeed, already begun to be a time of change and it’s not all bad. We need to change our governmental paradigm, so that it represents more of the people and it gets rid of those who are in it for their own gain. (give it time – it really is shifting)

According to the Chinese New Year, this is the year of the Fire Rooster. It’s time for diligence, taking care of our responsibilities, and being focused on our own business. Not such a bad thing for all of us to do right now.

For quite some time, I have been saying that 2017 is a year of transformation and ascension. Everything that is going on right now is the physical manifestation of this. We are being called on to transform… our thoughts, our feelings, our emotions. Once we do this… we ascend!

So how does this work? The Universe has brought our shadow self to the forefront, so that we can confront it, deal with it, and finally accept it. It IS part of us and it does have some positive qualities, if we would just listen. This shadow self/political climate isn’t pretty. It’s filled people with anger, rage, violence, hostilities, lies and rhetoric. So here’s the test… how are you going to deal with this? How are you going to handle yourself in these situations?

We’ll give you a hint… LOVE! If we approach everything with love, compassion, understanding, positive feelings and emotions… then we’ll starve the hatred, anger and fears out! This doesn’t mean that you should just roll-over or be a doormat. That’s certainly not part of the plan! We are absolutely allowed to speak OUR truth and we should do it in a respectful manner. Also, when we say speak YOUR truth that means not your truth according to CNN or FOX or some other media outlet. It also doesn’t mean to speak what you assume is my truth or anyone else’s. For the record, this isn’t be selfish, it’s essentially taking care of your own business and keeping you out of someone else’s.

This is humanity’s test… to see if we can raise our vibrations and emotions on an individual level. If enough of us can do that, then it will lift for everyone. Otherwise, we’ll all end-up going down the rabbit hole of hatred, wallowing in the mud, regressing back 1,000’s of years. You can’t change government, without changing the individual first and we’ve got a LOT of work to do in that area.

So to bring this fully around, this really is a time of great opportunities to empower ourselves and those around us! We have a chance to change the world in ways that we’ve never had before. Through social media (which can be an evil), we have the potential to do something great... or not.

The only question is… are you willing to take a stand for truth and love? Which path will you travel down? Will you work towards resolving our problems with peaceful methods?

So many questions - so many choices - and so little time to choose!