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Teri Van Horn

Healing Light

Where it is our intent to bring love, light & blessings into your world.


Opportunities for Empowerment

Posted on January 29, 2017 at 8:55 PM

Right now we are faced with a lot of changes, as well as a multitude of opportunities to empower ourselves and each other! It is entirely up to us, as to which path we choose to take.

Yes, millions of people are completely wrapped in fear, because of the recent Presidential Inauguration. We've known since November who the new President would be, but suddenly in January, millions of people were having melt-downs over this. Why?

We all have our belief systems and reasons why we believe those things. I'm not going to get into that - because no one can force another to change their mind - one way or the other.

What I can ask you to do is take a deep breath, and focus on the 4 things listed below. This is our opportunity to make some positive changes for everyone - this is a great Spiritual Quest for us all!

Speak and think words of peace and love - to yourself and others. If you continue being angry about the election, what are you going to change about it now? That opportunity was several months ago, when you had the opportunity to vote. Getting in these angry social media tirades aren't going to change anything - except your friend's list and your blood pressure. No matter how many memes you post - it's not going to turn things around. All you are doing is working yourself into a frenzy, scattering your energy, your focus, and destroying your peace. How are you going to accomplish change that way? What are you adding to the conversation?

Say a prayer daily for Divine Guidance for all. Trust in God and the process. This doesn't mean that it's ok to pray for someone's demise, ok? Ask that God's Divine Will be accepted and followed by all. I'm not saying that the current President is Divinely anointed by God. But I am saying that there is a reason why this person was elected. Nothing happens by accident - this we know, so trust in that. God has handled MUCH more difficult stuff than this, I think he can handle this current issue just fine.

Let go of fear! We know that there are only two emotions - two paths - love and fear.

Love brings us emotions such as joy, gratitude, happiness, confidence, hope, serenity, pride, inspiration, kindness, compassion, connection with Spirit, and much, much more. Fear, on the other hand brings us anger, distrust, ego, aggression, hatred, bullying, self-destruction, feelings of victimization, vengeance, separation from Spirit, and so much more.

Seriously... which path would you prefer to be on?

When you see a ‘fact’, research it. Go to the source and get ALL the information before you make judgement or share it with others. There is so much ‘fake’ news out there these days! When you hear or read something that has ‘emotional triggers’, check it out. You’ll probably save yourself a lot of heartache by doing this. Not everyone has the same take on a subject, so if we go to the source, then we’ll have the factual information, without the opinions of someone else tied to the information. This is part of our important search for authentic truth right now and it is something that we all need to work on.

We have to keep remembering that everything has a purpose. Every relationship, everything that occurs in our lives – there are no accidents and it all has meaning. The past 8 years had meaning, and the next 4 years will have meaning. Not everyone might like it, but this current governmental administration is a direct reflection of the people of this country. They represent our shadow self – something that we ALL need to learn to accept and to work with.

The world isn’t going to come to an end and it’s not going to blow-up any time soon. But… it is a time for enormous growth and development; a great time for learning.

According to numerology, 2017 is a year of new beginnings, new opportunities. It has indeed, already begun to be a time of change and it’s not all bad. We need to change our governmental paradigm, so that it represents more of the people and it gets rid of those who are in it for their own gain. (give it time – it really is shifting)

According to the Chinese New Year, this is the year of the Fire Rooster. It’s time for diligence, taking care of our responsibilities, and being focused on our own business. Not such a bad thing for all of us to do right now.

For quite some time, I have been saying that 2017 is a year of transformation and ascension. Everything that is going on right now is the physical manifestation of this. We are being called on to transform… our thoughts, our feelings, our emotions. Once we do this… we ascend!

So how does this work? The Universe has brought our shadow self to the forefront, so that we can confront it, deal with it, and finally accept it. It IS part of us and it does have some positive qualities, if we would just listen. This shadow self/political climate isn’t pretty. It’s filled people with anger, rage, violence, hostilities, lies and rhetoric. So here’s the test… how are you going to deal with this? How are you going to handle yourself in these situations?

We’ll give you a hint… LOVE! If we approach everything with love, compassion, understanding, positive feelings and emotions… then we’ll starve the hatred, anger and fears out! This doesn’t mean that you should just roll-over or be a doormat. That’s certainly not part of the plan! We are absolutely allowed to speak OUR truth and we should do it in a respectful manner. Also, when we say speak YOUR truth that means not your truth according to CNN or FOX or some other media outlet. It also doesn’t mean to speak what you assume is my truth or anyone else’s. For the record, this isn’t be selfish, it’s essentially taking care of your own business and keeping you out of someone else’s.

This is humanity’s test… to see if we can raise our vibrations and emotions on an individual level. If enough of us can do that, then it will lift for everyone. Otherwise, we’ll all end-up going down the rabbit hole of hatred, wallowing in the mud, regressing back 1,000’s of years. You can’t change government, without changing the individual first and we’ve got a LOT of work to do in that area.

So to bring this fully around, this really is a time of great opportunities to empower ourselves and those around us! We have a chance to change the world in ways that we’ve never had before. Through social media (which can be an evil), we have the potential to do something great... or not.

The only question is… are you willing to take a stand for truth and love? Which path will you travel down? Will you work towards resolving our problems with peaceful methods?

So many questions - so many choices - and so little time to choose!





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