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Teri Van Horn

Healing Light

Where it is our intent to bring love, light & blessings into your world.



Posted on May 22, 2017 at 10:00 PM

Good morning, Angels! This week’s message is just a bit different – I’m not entirely sure why, other than the fact that I believe that Spirit wanted this information written down, rather than spoken today, because the message that Spirit wanted to share is about discernment.

For me, discernment means to determine what is intrinsically best, without judgment & given the situation, based on the knowledge & wisdom that I have received. But for this message, I wanted to go to the dictionary for a true definition of the word. What I found was 1. the ability to judge well; 2. perception in the absence of judgment with a view to obtaining spiritual direction & understanding. These are excellent descriptions of the message that is being conveyed to us today.

So what is this discernment about? I asked that question to my Angels & the answer that I received is that (in MY words, not theirs) this world is so screwed-up right now & people are getting upset about everything they see or hear. Rather than holding their opinions about things or addressing them in a much more subtle manner, these days they’re throwing tantrums, staging marches or even riots, they are being disrespectful of others & even attacking people for not only what they believe – but what someone thinks they might believe. Hardly anyone receives respect these days & many people are out there persecuting people who think or believe something differently from them. Tolerance flew out the window a long time ago. Now it’s a “my way or the highway” approach to everything & that is destructive for everyone.

What has happened to us? We weren’t like this 10 years ago! Things have changed so drastically that now if two people politely disagree on a subject, rather than talking it out, they immediately go straight for the jugular & start slinging personal attacks. Why is this? Have we, as a society fallen so far that we can’t have a normal difference of opinion or discussion about anything? If things are this bad about simple aspects of life… how are we going to be 10-15-20 years from now?

I’m told that first of all, this is a normal, yet very painful growth spirt for humanity. Those of us who are parents remember that charming phase our children went through with the “terrible twos”, when our babies began forming their own identity – then the early teen years, when they tried to exert their independence & it was one long challenge after another with them? Yes, those were trying times to be certain – but we always made it through them, a little tired, a little cranky & extremely grateful that we didn’t strangle each other during the process.

This is where humanity is right now… we are in the early teen years & we are giving our parents hell! We want to be independent. We don’t want any one human to be ‘in charge of us’ & we don’t want a Spiritual Being to ‘be the boss of us’. We are essentially being “pain-in-the-ass-brats!” We are doing our best to pull away from any authority figure that we’ve ever had, plus we’re still immature enough to make some really bad choices in our collective lives. Remember, I’m not talking about us as individuals, but humanity as a whole.

As with individuals, there are some who are being “the good kids” & trying to follow the rules, but as a whole, we are “acting up” quite a bit. Fortunately, I’m told that God will not be “grounding us”, for which I’m grateful – but on the other hand, I kind-of wish he’d lay a hand to the backside of humanity to get rid of all this anger, hatred, bitterness, jealously, and fear.

But it’s a process… just like growing up is a process. We were all brats at one time or another, because it was important for our development for us to pull away from authority figures, so that we could become our own authority. It’s a part of growing up that everyone has to experience for growth & it’s important for humanity to go through this process, as well. Surprisingly enough, some of these issues are even going on with spiritual people – just as they are with the masses, so know (again) that this is part of the process. Spiritual people aren’t perfect & if they occasionally have an adverse reaction to something… we need to take it in stride. Remember that we are all humans here on the same planet, with the same screwed-up energy patterns right now.

Speaking of energy, all of this chaos is wreaking havoc for us empaths. One minute we’re all good, happy & at peace – then 10 minutes later we’re borderline psychotic because of the energy that we’ve picked-up along the way. When this happens, get grounded, recognize that this isn’t your energy, take a few deep breaths & ask your Angels to help clear all the negativity away from you. Also, you need to protect yourselves even more, energetically, because this is affecting us so very much more these days.

So where does that leave us with discernment? I believe that we need to use discernment in all that we say or do. We need to evaluate the responses of others when we approach them with less that favorable news or comments. Not everything is perfect or 100% right & people need to accept that without getting overly offended. Not every solution is right for every question. So what? You find the solution that works with the question or problem at hand. No one has to be offended, upset or feel that they are being infringed upon in any way. You just need to work out an equitable solution instead of getting mad or worse… getting even.

Use discernment when dealing with your own emotions. If someone says something that you don’t like, you have a choice: get mad, get even, or get away. Not everything has to be a confrontation, so we need to use discernment in our reactions & responses to different situations & with everyone that we connect with. We need to be mindful of the effect that this is having not only on us, but on others who may or may not have the tools in which to deal with this. Remember also that walking away is a strength that many do not have. Those who choose to walk away from a disagreement will be the ones who progress faster, because they aren’t wallowing in the ‘mud’ of anger, fear, confrontation, anxiety or stress.

Most importantly, stay connected with Spirit – at least once or twice each day, take a moment to get grounded & if nothing else, say a quick prayer asking for guidance & protection. And don’t give up! Just like our own teenage years, this isn’t going to last forever. We’re at the mid-way point right now – where it’s kind-of at its worst – but it will be getting better. Also, stay focused on what you DO want, as opposed to what you don’t want in life. Things are speeding up right now & we are manifesting practically at light speed – so certainly use discernment in what you choose to keep your focus on.

There is a light at the end of the tunnel & it’s coming up soon, so hang in there & know that your Angels are right beside you, ready to assist you through this process in every way possible.

With love,



Categories: Every Day Spirituality