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Teri Van Horn

Healing Light

Where it is our intent to bring love, light & blessings into your world.


It is Not a Freaking Competition!

Posted on August 12, 2017 at 10:10 PM

I have to share an exchange I recently had in messenger with someone about this page. A gentleman sent me a message wanting to know if I had experienced “time and untime”. My response was that there is no such thing as ‘literal’ time or distance based on Spirituality and physics. This is something that Einstein and others have always said when it comes to energy, there are no limitations. That’s what I base my information on, as well as the unlimited depth and breadth of the Universe. Spirit is eternal, so that is where my answer came from. Right or wrong... it’s my thought and belief, although my knowledge of physics is much less that I’d like for it to be.

The gentleman’s response was that he was looking at things from a much larger scope... he was looking at the big picture, and if I was ‘enlightened’, I would be able to see this, too. He also mentioned some teachings that I’m not familiar with and I told him I didn’t know about them, so I was not able to answer to those teachings.

After this, the gentleman continued to try to ‘prove’ how ‘enlightened’ he was... as opposed to my not being ‘enlightened’, because I tried to explained that this is not a competition. I believe that everyone is exactly where they’re supposed to be and we are ALL at different levels of growth spiritually.

Then he began with the insults, because he felt that I was not nearly as ‘enlightened’ as he is and that I was misleading people (or something to that effect). I reminded him that this ‘enlightenment’ competition is nothing except ego and that I have never and will never refer to myself as being enlightened and I’m sure as hell not interested in trying to have a competition with someone.

I also suggested that if he wanted to be considered seriously, that he should pay more attention to his spelling and grammar, as he was intentionally misspelling words (I assume to make it appear cooler or something). Ok... maybe I shouldn’t have tried to be the grammar police, but if you ask me for my opinion... I will give it and any attempts to misspell most of your words, is distracting to the message - in my opinion.

Anyway... the guy become hostile, so I ended all communication - but it made me think...

What are we creating with some of these teachings?

Why does someone feel that it’s necessary to do the ‘ego thing’, comparing themselves to someone that they don’t even know or have never communicated with before?

We do know this isn’t a race or competition, right?

There aren’t any ribbons for 1st place or anything like that. It’s a continual process of learning and growing from one lifetime to the next... hopefully, always learning from our mistakes.

This ego thing has me worried, to be honest. The ego has no place in spirituality, and those who are focusing on it, have more lessons to learn. This reminds me of those who use titles excessively. You know... The Reverend, Doctor, Holy Spiritual Guru, Jane Doe, PhD of Metaphysics, Shamanism, and ultimate Reiki Goddess of the Universe. Alright... this is an exaggeration, but I know you guys have seen people who add as many different titles to their name as possible, simply as a status symbol.

Let’s get honest... it only costs $15 to get ordained online, so there’s your divinity. To get a degree in metaphysics usually costs around $50-100 for the certifications and documents. (although there are some who have legitimate online courses that take a couple years to complete.) Shamanism is passed-down after YEARS of work and study - plus true shamans will never refer to themselves as such; and when it comes to Reiki or other healing modalities, yes... there are a zillion certifications you can get. Some are real and some are little more than buying certificates to add to your pile.

I am all for learning more - in fact, I try to attend 2-3 classes each year to learn something different. I’ve got enough certificates to paper the living room - but when it comes down to it, I am not those certificates - I am who I truly am and how I act or respond to things.

Having a million certifications won’t make someone a better or more spiritual person, but it does help inflate that fragile ego, in many cases, and that’s what we have to watch out for. It’s the people who are focused on THAT aspect of spirituality... of placing themselves up on a pedestal so that they feel better about who they are, because they are suddenly better and more advanced than someone else. They are the ones that all of us need to watch out for.

No one person is better than another. No one is more spiritual than another. One may have a better personal spiritual practice that they adhere to - but that makes them more disciplined (in my book). We are all still human beings. We have flaws. We have insecurities and we have pride. We have failings and successes. We make mistakes and sometimes we are perfect. We get angry. We get happy. We help others or we might turn a blind eye to a situation. That’s just who we are as human beings - that won’t change.

It is not our responsibility to determine or judge where anyone is on their spiritual journey, because we are all at different levels and have different lessons to learn.

The world is in a huge mess right now and we need everyone to help bring things together. People are judging each other for everything: race, religion, gender, what you think someone things or what you think someone does.

Our world has gotten completely out of hand and we need to focus on bringing people together... not having ridiculous competitions over who is more ‘enlightened’.

In my completely unsolicited opinion... we ALL need to check our ego at the door. Please don’t fall into this trap, because it will destroy all the good that you’ve created in your life.

Spend some time on our knees in prayer and meditation. Go within for the answers to your questions and ask God/Spirit/Source what you need to do. The Angels will deliver the messages and help you on your journey. Even when I do sessions for people, I am helping to teach them how to do these things for themselves. My job is to empower others to do what I do, because everyone can!

This is not a race. We are all eternal souls, who have been here forever and we’ll be here until the end of time. We’re all going to end-up at the same place and we’re all learning essentially the same lessons. None of this is going to change.

What can change is our attitude while we make this journey. Are we going to go through life focusing on love, compassion and forgiveness? Or do we want to make this trip with anger, fear, and ego?

Decide what you want to focus your attention on and the Universe will make it happen... positive or negative. As always... the choice is yours to make...




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