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Teri Van Horn

Healing Light

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What�??s in Store for 2018?

Posted on May 1, 2018 at 3:10 AM


Here we are again – wrapping-up one totally outrageous year & preparing to welcome the next new year. What will 2018 have in store for us? This is a question that we are all asking – but not everyone has the answers.

Of course, this is also the time that many psychics or visionaries put out their predictions for the upcoming year. I did this two years ago & honestly was astonished at the results by the end of the year. Last year I didn’t do it publicly, but shared my predictions privately. Again, I was quite surprised at the final results.

Preparing predictions for an upcoming year – on a global scale – is daunting, to say the least. The predictions are generally based on seeing/feeling/sensing the energies as they are now & they always hold the possibility of change, because human beings have Free Will, which can change anything… even world events. However, I have learned that for the most part, global events usually run steady, unless large groups band together to make significant changes. Then… we can create the predictions that we most want. It’s an amazing system… if only we could get enough people to participate!

So here are some of my predictions for 2018:


The entire planet will continue to experience extreme weather conditions. More volcanoes, more hurricanes, more earthquakes, more fires, more freezes, more droughts, & more instances of extreme heat. Contrary to what scientists say, for the past 3 years I have been saying that we are not experiencing Global Warming… we are experiencing Global Weather Extremes. This means that weather in every continent will be extreme. The Ring of Fire will be extremely active & will activate volcanoes all over the world. Some long-quiet ones will erupt, but nothing to extinction level, so we can relax.

There will be more hurricanes, typhoons & tsunamis. People in areas that are normally vulnerable need to be prepared, because this coming year has the potential to be highly destructive. Take precautions early, while you can. I keep getting that India, the Philippines & Malaysia need to be overcautious this year. The US will also be affected, but it won’t be as catastrophic as it was in 2017.

Hot & cold will prevail. Areas where it is normally hot will experience higher temperatures, as well as droughts. This will exacerbate the potential for wild fires in the Western US. Unfortunately, gigantic fires, like what California is experiencing right now, have the potential to become the norm, unless evasive measures aren’t taken. In contrast, there will continue to be extreme cold in North America, Europe & Russia. Part of this is due to the other weather phenomena & part of it is because the earth’s magnetic poles are in the process of moving again. We won’t have a complete pole shift, but we will be feeling the effects of even slight movement throughout the year.

I’ve also been receiving messages about the New Madrid fault line that runs through the Central US. It appears that there will be a significant earthquake along this line, which will result in the Mississippi River overflowing its banks in several states. This is NOT the event that Cayce spoke about.

The Antarctic will continue to heat-up & melt due to underground magma moving around. This is part of the volcano action that we spoke about. This will continue to melt the ice & some amazing wonders will be discovered. Welcome to Ancient Lemuria! (side note: I have been repeatedly pressed to complete my book on Ancient Lemuria in the first quarter – before these discoveries are made) You’ll learn much more about this beautiful & ancient civilization in my book, which will correspond with what is being discovered in that part of the world. This is going to be exciting & a bit baffling to many.


I generally try to stay away from these topics, because I very much dislike the energy surrounding those who participate in politics. However, for the purposes of this report, I will dive into that arena. Please note that the following comments have nothing to do with my personal political stance – I am only reporting information that is coming to me – nothing more.

There will be more countries exiting the EU. Most of them are leaving because of the mandatory immigrant relocations. They are tired of the EU forcing them to take in large groups of refugees, without screening processes & the toll that it is taking on their own citizens. This is a very sensitive subject at this moment & many will be ‘walking on eggshells’ in an effort to get along with each other.

In the US there will continue to be race issues, but it appears that there will be some significant overtures by people of varying races, in an effort to bring everyone back together. It still won’t be perfect, because there are always those who want to focus on remaining in the more violent & dense 3rd dimension. They are gradually being brought up to the 4th, but it will still take some time. Politicians of both parties will be forced to not only ‘come clean’, but they will be required to show transparency in how they operate. This will result in a mass exodus, but it will bring in the potential of new people, who more greatly reflect the belief systems of their constituents, rather than those of who lines their pockets. This may feel like chaos at first, but in the long run, it will be the best for everyone. Hang on & don’t lose faith!

South American countries will continue to have problems and discord due to economic issues. They are gradually toppling the corrupt government officials so that they can put new people in place. Once they begin this process, their respective countries will begin to prosper, but it will take a while.

All of this is a continuation of the energies from 2017, when unseen things were becoming revealed.

The war against ISIS will continue, but will be tapering down considerably. While this group will not be completely defeated, they will be rendered ineffective – when the local military of the respective country can contain them. They will not go quietly & there will be more terrorist attacks throughout Europe & the US. What I have been told is that there will be one large attack in the US in the first half of the year – potentially focusing on a large event. Europe will have a couple of attacks – one potentially involving a train & the other near a crowd of people. In each of these instances, I continue to hear the phrase “Lone Wolf”, which tells me that these are not attacks organized by a large group, but by a few disgruntled individuals. In addition to the larger attacks, there will be numerous smaller ones that are carried out by rogue ‘players’ with the intention of keeping ISIS in the news & instilling fear in the hearts of those who do not share their beliefs. These guys won’t be able to accomplish much, because most of them are getting their training via YouTube. Nevertheless, it doesn’t diminish the impact that these events will have on the lives of others, so let’s pray that these things do not happen.

Things with Israel will die-down eventually, with other nations beginning to accept them more & more in the region. They’ve been there forever… so I’m still not sure of what the fuss is, except that the Temple on the Mount is the spiritual center for Christians, Jews & Muslims. They will have to work together to co-exist & although there might be some saber-rattling, nothing significant is going to happen. They will continue to have their disagreements with Palestine, but even these will be reduced this year. There is possibly an event that might make everyone in that area of the world to ‘settle-down’. I think that information is coming up later in this writing.

North Korea has been at the forefront of everyone’s thoughts when you start thinking about nations & war. Yes… they are puffing-up & making powerful threats, but Kim Jong-Un is NOT in power. He’s a little boy playing with the toys that the adults are allowing him to play with. (if you get my drift.) He talks a good game (as any pre-teen boy does), but he doesn’t have the knowledge or experience to do much of anything. He will be getting his hands slapped very soon & has the potential to be assonated by someone in his government… quite possibly a female!


I have been informed that the US economy will continue to grow & build, continuing with the pattern of the past 12 months. The housing market & industries will have more demand & will need more employees, so that more people will be working & there will be less families living at or under the poverty level. This doesn’t mean that everyone will be working just yet… but that things will be improving over the past several years. Americans will be much more optimistic about their futures, which will begin to make the political climate a bit friendlier.

In other nations across the globe, their respective economies appear to be improving as well. The EU dollar will drop a bit, but it won’t be catastrophic. I believe that this is due to other nations leaving the Union. Unfortunately, I don’t have much information on any other countries at this time.

World Events

Disclosure, disclosure, disclosure. Who doesn’t know what this is about? For years we have been talking & listening to people talk about disclosure. When are we going to admit that there is someone else out there in the Universe? When are we going to admit that they’ve been here on Earth? Who’s going to share those selfies they’ve taken with their BFF’s from another planet? Now wouldn’t that be amazing?

Unless someone has been living under a rock, they’ll realize that our official history does not add-up to the ancient artifacts & technologies that have been found on this planet. There are so many things that are well over 6,000 years old… how can we possibly be that young? The theory is that scientists have been discrediting and/or hiding evidence that the planet has had numerous civilizations who were highly advanced – civilizations that were here, then all traces of their existence was removed, with the exception of ancient ruins. We KNOW that even today, with all of our technology, we cannot move any of the ancient stones found at Baalbek. We could never create a stone temple – in the ground – as they did in India for the Kailasanatha temple or the massive stones used in the Karnak Temple or Puma Punku or the Sun Temple of Modhera. Not to mention the fact that some scientists believe that the Spinx may be 800,000 years old! There have been several – possibly many – other civilizations on this planet. It’s perfectly ok if there were & it doesn’t take anything away from our achievements, but for some reason, mainstream science has never wanted to admit these things.

Those days are coming to an end! They are going to have to ‘fess-up’ & admit to some things that they can’t explain any other way. Will it cause world-wide panic? No. But it will open us up to some incredible possibilities & things to learn about our past & that’s a great thing!

Don’t be surprised if these revelations include some assistance from our neighbors out there in space. It’s arrogant to believe that we – as imperfect as we are – are the only living beings in this universe. It’s time to move over & graciously accept that we aren’t “only children” & that yes… we are going to have to share this Universe with others.

For some, this might be traumatic, but most of those people will continue to deny what is placed before them. For the rest of us, it will be an immense growing & learning opportunity.

Are our neighbors friends or foe? This has been hotly contested for quite some time & there are two very strong positions on this. One feels that all extraterrestrials are dangerous & mean us harm (i.e. medical experiments, abductions, etc), while others believe that they are benevolent (i.e. helpers, guardians… even angels). Personally, I have never come face-to-face with one, but I feel strongly that just like people, there can be plenty of each & some that are in-between. They are obviously more advanced technologically than we are & some are much higher advanced on a spiritual level. I believe that we could learn a great deal from this latter group!

So will a UFO land on the White House lawn, as all the sci-fi moves talk about? Probably not – but don’t be surprised if they become more obvious & connect with humanity more. Also, don’t be surprised if scientists & archeologists start finding & revealing more about these ancient cultures.

There will continue to be some amazing ancient discoveries throughout the world – primarily in the areas of Turkey & in Northern Russia, in the Siberia area. I can’t wait to see what they find.

On the medical front, researchers will find new ways to combat both disease & chronic pain. There will unfortunately still be experiments in altering DNA – but these will lead to tragedy & eventually be stopped (a few years from now). We will continue to have a resurgence of diseases that had previously been eradicated (as I predicted two years ago). Much of this is due to the mass immigrations from 3rd world countries who do not have vaccinations. These immigrants will continue to spread catastrophic & highly contagious diseases throughout the world – thus making countries tighten their borders. (I am not blaming the immigrants here… it’s just a fact that if their countries still have these diseases, they will spread it to others when they relocate.) This will also get other world governments motivated to assist these countries with medical care & vaccinations so that we can remove things like tuberculosis, measles, polio & other diseases once & for all. This will be tragic for a while, but in the long run, it will be highly beneficial to everyone here on this planet.

In Conclusion

I know that there are many, many other questions out there that people have – about things that will directly affect them & their loved ones. What I have been guided to do is to now open this post to questions. We ask that you NOT ask questions relation to your love life or something highly personal – but questions about things that will affect our global community.

So tell me… what would you most like to know about?

Blessings, Teri


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