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Teri Van Horn

Healing Light

Where it is our intent to bring love, light & blessings into your world.


Bloom Where You Are Planted

Posted on May 1, 2018 at 3:15 AM


I haven’t thought of this quote in probably 30 years, yet it popped into my head just a few minutes ago and it won’t let go. I remember when this was a popular saying, in the 1970’s I think. It was on coffee mugs, desk calendars and all sorts of things.

The quote actually comes from the Bible - something I didn’t know until tonight when I was trying to research when it was originally used. It has obviously been used quite a bit through the ages and it’s meaning is quite clear... but are we really paying attention?

To be honest... I haven’t been paying enough attention. Being so ‘brilliant’ (sarcastically, of course), I ‘knew’ exactly what my path should be. I ‘knew’ what I needed to be doing and most of the steps necessary to make that happen. Since I ‘knew’ all these things, I began to do what was seemingly necessary to follow that particular path, but things never worked out the way they were ‘supposed’ to. Books didn’t turn into instant best sellers, although I kept getting great feedback about them. Speaking engagements brought more excellent reviews, but offers didn’t materialize. I kept trying to create different courses to help people sort-out some of the issues that they repeatedly come to me about. Whatever it was that I tried... it just didn’t seem to take-off as I anticipated and I felt like I was beating my head against the wall. What was wrong? Why wasn’t I able to reach the people that I was supposed to reach? I worked with coaches to get a different perspective and followed their advice, but was still not getting the results that I had anticipated. I got depressed and almost gave up a few times, but still I persevered, to no avail. It just wasn’t working no matter how many times I kept putting myself out there.

I’m supposed to have the answers, right? Well guess what??? Sometimes you have to ask the right questions to get the answer you need.

You see, what was missing in my “total success formula” was my complete surrender to what Spirit wanted... not what I thought I wanted. Those were two drastically different things and I was going in the wrong direction, because I was allowing my ego/logical mind to make decisions that I should have been leaving for the heart to guide me in. I have to clarify one point here, because I can already hear your asking the question, “How can she claim to have a connection with Spirit, but still get something big like this wrong?” Answer... I’m human!

It’s actually easy to get answers for other people, especially strangers, but when many of us try to access information for ourselves or someone that we know intimately, it’s hard because our logical mind starts kicking-in with information that we know. When that happens, it’s more difficult to receive a clear, unbiased answer to questions in many situations. Also, when we want something that is really important to us, we can skew the info that we receive, thus the ego/logical mind overrides part or all of the message from Spirit. When we read for someone we don’t know well or have information on, we can objectively receive the answers and go with it, without trying to analyze what we are getting.

Bottom line... what I thought I was supposed to be doing was partially a message from Spirit, but I was interpreting it in a way that was just a bit different from what was intended. Therefore, I had the right intention, but was looking for an outcome that was completely different from what Spirit was intending. Confused yet? Well so was I... until today!

When Spirit originally let me know that I would be connecting with a wide range of people and assisting them in their Spiritual Growth & Development, I initially saw this as teaching or speaking to groups or conferences, along with writing books. This terrified me, because I was so insecure that the thought of speaking to more than two people at once, nearly put me into a state of shock. But suddenly, that insecurity went away and I was able to speak to a group of 10, 20, 30, 50, 100... all without dying on the spot. Eureka! I’m past the shyness and ready to travel to teach, speak and help as many people as I possibly could. This is exciting - something I never dreamed of before and I was ready to go... but Spirit wasn’t, because it wasn’t what was intended for me. I just hadn’t caught on to that yet and wouldn’t for a while. This is why things didn’t pan out, in spite of my tireless efforts and determination. It wasn’t working because it wasn’t intended to do so. God had a different purpose for me. Similar, but different.

Yes, I’m supposed to reach large groups of people and I do that through my Facebook page. Since this is so impersonal, it never seemed like much of an accomplishment, other than the staggering growth that the page experienced. That was so I could help raise the vibrations of people around the world - to help them remain focused and positive. To help lift spirits when they’re down. This is important for all of us, but it just never seemed ‘real’ to me because there isn’t a lot of personal interaction, but it definitely serves a purpose and it allows me to make a little money to help keep my home and this page going. But there’s more and that’s what I was realizing this evening.

Earlier today, after I finished a wedding for a beautiful couple, I ran into some acquaintances that I haven’t seen in about 6 months. We actually had an opportunity to chat and get to know each other some, when the woman opened up to me about something very personal in her life and I offered to read for her right then and there. No cards, no tools, just a pure intuitive reading about the situation, where I would receive messages and guidance from the Angels based on her comments or questions. I did this in probably the noisiest environment that I could possibly be in, but I was in the zone and all the background noise faded away, which is rare for me. We talked for over an hour - probably more and the Angels gave her some excellent advice and information, which really helped her deal with the situation and upcoming changes. During the time that we spoke, I could almost see her go from a rose bud to a fully opened and stunning rose. (metaphorically speaking) Through the advice of the Angels, she was able to see some things in a different light, that was more positive than the way she had seen them before. All-in-all, I believe that the information was helpful and productive, so that she’ll be able to help facilitate some changes that will lead to some really positive things coming up in her world. Not that everything that I shared was Pollyanna Perfect - I always repeat what I’m told, regardless of if it might be perceived positive or negative, because I feel that’s the only way that I can provide an honest reading, so she got it all - explained with love and non-judgment, thanks to the wisdom of the Angels.

This was the answer I was looking for all along! Yes, Spirit might want me to have a large platform to help a lot of people (via social media), but now I see that my real specialty is in the relaying of important (& sometimes touchy) messages to help those who are having struggles in their lives. I’ve always done this, to an extent, but not nearly as much as I would like to, because I was trying to do all the other stuff at the same time.

My message from Spirit was clear today with the ‘Bloom Where You Are Planted’ quote. Working individually with people has always been the thing that I’ve done best and what really helps me connect in ways that are higher than I ever dreamed possible. It’s a win-win, I connect with Spirit to help others and through that, I obtain even more clarity so that I can help and serve more. This also goes for intuitive healing sessions, as they benefit the person I’m working with, along with helping me connect more and much deeper. This is what I should have been focusing on all along, but I kept thinking that I was supposed to do something grander - but what’s grander than helping someone improve their life or their health?

They say that God works in mysterious ways and today he certainly did. My friend thinks that I did her a huge favor by spending so much time gifting her with a reading, but in reality, she was helping me gain the clarity I’ve been needing! It’s amazing how these revelations happen and it goes to show that our ego/logical mind can really block us from doing what we’re supposed to, and it can make us waste some valuable time. Don’t let yours get away with doing this, like I did! Thank you, Susan, for the gift of being able to provide you with these insights and messages, which in turn, provided me with my own insights.




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