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Teri Van Horn

Healing Light

Where it is our intent to bring love, light & blessings into your world.

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Love Connections


We all want, need and deserve love in our lives and that’s exactly what this session is designed to assist you with! Not only will we be working with your chakras and aura to clear any negativity and/or blockages, but we will connect with your Akashic Records to help facilitate love and positive relationships in all aspects of your life. We will go back to any previous vows of celibacy that could have been made in past lives, as you committed yourself to a monastery, to release these bonds that are currently holding you back. By doing so, we will be raising your own vibrational patterns, so that you can energetically connect with those who are your own personal matches. This will help you connect with your soul mate or twin flame, as well as allowing you to have meaningful and loving relationships with friends and family.


Please note that this session is not instant and can take up to 14 days to fully integrate within your energy fields and that of your soul mates. This will allow the two of you to begin finding your way into each other’s life. However, you will begin to notice the changes with your relationships with friends and family almost immediately. This is a great healing session to simply bring even more love and light into your life – even if you have already found your soul mate.


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