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Teri Van Horn

Healing Light

Where it is our intent to bring love, light & blessings into your world.

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Insomnia and Sleep Problems


There are few things more miserable that the inability to get a good night’s sleep! We can’t function, we’re irritable, we can’t focus… nothing seems to go right when this happens. Sometimes we’re unable to sleep due to being stressed or worried about things, but at other times it can be something that’s indicative of a deeper problem and can last much longer. When you keep losing sleep, it affects your health, and your ability to function on many levels.


This healing session is specifically designed to assist with clearing the negative energies and blockages that are preventing you from getting rest and sleeping. In addition, we’re also sending healing from Archangel Raphael to help send loving and healing energy to your heart, mind and soul. Although each person responds differently to all of our sessions, we feel certain that this one will help you relax and find that rest that has been so elusive. One hour.


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