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Teri Van Horn

Healing Light

Where it is our intent to bring love, light & blessings into your world.

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Healing & Protecting the Empath


Being an Empath is a high calling - but it often comes with a high cost. Being an Empath means that we feel everything. We feel what others feel, we feel what animals feel, we feel what the collective consciousness feels!


Sometimes it's difficult to discern if the feelings and emotions we're experiencing are ours or that of others. This gift can truly make you insane, if you don't learn how to harness the energies and protect and shield yourself.


It is possible to do this!


That's exactly what this session is about. Helping you shed some of those extra energies that are attached to you, as well as clearing you and your energy field, then protecting it in multiple ways to protect yourself. This session also comes with a pdf of my book, Harness the Power of the Light, Keys to Psychic Protection, so that you can continue the healing and protection process.

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