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Teri Van Horn

Healing Light

Where it is our intent to bring love, light & blessings into your world.

The 5th Element

Through meditations, personal insights, and insights that my friend, Cindy Smith, have received, it appears that the 5th Element is actually a consortium of Angels, Guides, Ascended Masters and others,who are tasked with the saving of the Earth as we know it today.

The word 'saving' seems a little over-dramatic, but our message is to spread love, light, and healing messages throughout the world, as well as sending healing directly to the Earth and the Sun - both of whom are in a state of crisis at this time.

The Earth is going through tremendous changes, as we're all aware. Right now, this can literally go either way for us. Our mission, as Light Workers, is to ensure that the end results of these transitions is a planet that has ascended to a higher dimension.  

I'm beginning to receive regular messages from these amazing guides about what we need to share with others and what we need to do as a collective. As I receive them, I'll be adding the information to this page.

Not only do we need to help heal the actual planet and sun, but obviously we need to heal humanity. We are our own worst enemy right now and if something isn't done soon... there won't be anything left to save. We ARE in the end times, there's no doubt about that! But, we can turn this around... collectively.

I'm not a conspiracy theorist, nor am I trying to convert anyone to a specific belief system... other than that of unconditional love. In fact, there was quite a bit of resistance and lack of acceptance when I was told about my role in this transition. My first response was, "Why me? Who am I to do something this important?" Spirit's answer was that this is why I'm here - to help spread the word. After all, I was blessed with such a tremendous growth of my Facebook page, in such a short period of time, that still astounds experts. The only answer is that there has been Divine Intervention so that we can share this message throughout the world. How else can we get this message out to 25-30 million people on a weekly basis?

Trust me... a lot of this sounds a little 'far out' to me, too - but if I'm blessed to receive the information

and guided to share it - then that's what I'm going to do!

Together, we can make some powerful changes to this planet

for the benefit of all who inhabit it.

If not us, then who?  

September 5, 2015

You knew this was coming, so take a seat and hold on! Spirit has some messages that you NEED to hear!

This morning I received (yet another) email about how I'm not representing all races on my Facebook page. You know the drill... everyone needs to feel validated separately because they feel threatened if we're all included together as human beings.

That's when today's message came blasting forward to me:

WE ARE LIGHT! Nothing else - our spirits are Light and they are in a human container, at the moment.

WE ARE ALL ONE and we need to accept that fact!

One thing that I detest is hyphenations when describing who someone is. Who are you? That should be an easy answer for most people. For me, it's pretty straightforward:

I AM Peladian - Lemurian (twice) - Mongolian - Ancient Chinese - Ancient Egyptian - 5th Dimension (several times) - Egyptian - Mongolian (again) - European - English (Middle Ages) - Welsh - Scottish - British (Regency) - Colonial - Texan - American. There's more and I'll discover them as time goes on and will be sure to include them in this list.

Genetically, I AM French (Lots of royalty) - Scottish (a Wallace) - Irish (just a little) - British (very little) - Colonial Virginian - Tennessean - 6th Generation Texan - American.

Impressed? Why? It doesn't mean a damn thing! Yes, I've incarnated here many times and my family does have roots back to William Wallace (he was my 24th Great Grand Uncle). My 4th Great Grandfather, Matthew Caldwell, signed the Texas Declaration of Independence - allowing Texas to become it's own sovereign nation. There's a lot of French aristocracy way back there, too!

None of this truly says who I AM! There is a precious 10-year old boy in my living room right now, who calls me grandma. I love him with all of my heart, but genetically, we're not related. BUT... on a soul level... we couldn't possibly get any closer!

That is what's really important... who we are on a Soul Level!

It's not the color of your skin that matters. In fact, my daughter and I don't share the same color of skin and you don't exactly match those you are genetically related to, either. What does it matter?

MY Soul is a beautiful bright shining white light. (ok, it probably has sparkles, too, because that's just me).

YOUR Soul is a beautiful bright shining white light.

OH - MY - GOD!!! That means that we're all the SAME!!!

I've told you before that I've been receiving messages from a group of Spirits who call themselves the 5th Element. Their message to us is about saving the planet and becoming ONE. I don't mind saying that they're a little displeased with us right now.

How in the hell will we EVER become ONE if we keep trying to separate ourselves?

How are we going to save this planet if we remain divided?

I fully expect other Lightworkers to jump on this bandwagon. We are all the same! You are no better than I am and I'm no better than you are.

The color of our skin doesn't matter - the color of our hair doesn't matter - where our ancestors came from doesn't matter.



Ask yourself this question today and listen to the answer you receive from Spirit.

Are you going to be one who teaches division or will you help teach that we are all ONE?

The future of our planet depends on your answer, so you'd better think carefully.


Teri & 5E

August 29, 2015

Tonight is the very powerful Pisces Super Moon - the first of the final three consecutive Super Moons for 2015. Not only is this particular Super Moon powerful in a sense that it's a time of psychic expansion and creativity, but it is ushering in a month that is unlike any time that we've experienced in many, many years - if at all. This is an extremely powerful time of energy and manifestation, where those things that we focus on and give energy to will manifest very quickly. This is a time of power, release and transition into a much higher vibrational frequency for many on this planet.

On a personal level, this has also been a time of challenges, with health, relationships, and personal energy. It is interesting that The 5th Element (5E) has decided to come for their first of many messages for me to share. But, Spirit works in very mysterious ways and it is my job to step aside and to allow the words and messages come through. Cindy and I were just talking about this yesterday, and we both felt that these messages would be coming closer to the Equinox, but obviously there were some plans being made for me that we weren't privy to.

To begin this message, I have to go back two days, to Thursday when I took some photos of the moon. There had been several stories on the internet about Mars being next to the moon and I wanted to check that out. When I went outside, the moon was gorgeous, but the glow was so bright that I wasn't able to see much else. But I kept being pushed to take some photos, and when I did, there was a very large star somewhat close to the moon. It wasn't like a twin moon, but it was twice as large and bright as any other star in the sky. This was so beautiful that I had to share it on Facebook, only to get dozens of people saying that I was perpetuating a hoax and that the photo wasn't real. I knew it was real because I had taken quite a few photos and they all showed the exact same thing.

All of the implications and comments about this being a hoax really disturbed me. I knew the truth and I wanted others to know that this was something that really happened, so I went out again late last night and the photos ended-up being nearly identical, in spite of my not being able to see this brilliant star with the naked eye. This is when a very insightful gentleman named Anthony Price sent me a note on Facebook: "You've been given messages about the earth and sun needing to be healed. Why don't you ask why you're being sent this sign and others aren't?" (His exact message was much more eloquent, but I've paraphrased it for brevity.) When I read his note, it truly was as though a light bulb turned on and I couldn't wait until I could get back outside, under the moon to see what answers it had for me!

This was early in the day and I had a lot of readings to give, so I patiently waited for nightfall. In the meantime, my dogs discovered a VERY large snake in the backyard that was actually 'playing dead' so the dogs would leave it alone, but they were relentless and wouldn't stop barking. Don't judge me here, but I grabbed my pistol and went back outside to 'handle' the situation. We have several types of poisonous snakes in Texas, so I take the safe route, while apologizing to them on the rare occasion that I need to help them transition. Long story short, the snake got away because I was unable to shoot due to it's location and proximity to vehicles. So reluctantly... back to work I went, vowing to not allow another one get away.

In the early evening I was completing my readings for the day, when I looked outside and saw a beautiful fawn (complete with spots and a cute swishy tail) playing in the pasture across the street - very close to the fence and about 40 feet from my house. I love babies, so I immediately stopped everything and went outside to have a chat with this adorable one. We were able to talk for about 10 minutes and I got as close as about 10-12 feet from it, without her being afraid at all. After a while, I told the baby that she needed to go find her momma, so that she wouldn't get lost. She looked at me for a few more seconds, then turned around and hopped off towards the trees, with her adorable fluffy tail swishing like a puppy's.

Now here's the beautiful part about my totally unusual day on this magnificent Super Moon. As I went outside to observe the moon, all of my horses came up to stand parallel with me, in their respective pastures on either side of the yard, all facing the moon. Mind you, that's nine horses doing the same thing at once with no prompting or food bribes - a true miracle in itself!

As I gazed at the moon, asking why I had seen this star when so many others didn't, I received my answers:

  • The 'star' I had seen wasn't a star, but a sign that the 5E is activated and becoming fully engaged with me. Basically, this was their way of letting me know that they were here. (what an awesome calling card!)
  • My adventures today were messages - not random happenings in a rural setting - which most people would consider them to be. The horses reminded me that nature provides us with amazing things for a reason and they were 'showing me the way' to the moon and messages.
  • My snake 'friend' was here to show me that the evil in the world is going to be lying around for a while and wreaking havoc (i.e. dogs barking hysterically). However, when it came to light (the vehicle that it was under was moved), it slowly disappeared, just as this current evil and disharmony will go away. Unfortunately (for the snake) they are both wounded and will die a slow death, but they both WILL die soon! Please understand that the word soon is relative and doesn't mean that things will be ok a week from Tuesday. I take this more as an indication that things are moving and progressing - and that they're being sped-up a little, so expect to see these changes in our children's life times.
  • That precious baby deer - wow - all I wanted to do was to hold and snuggle with her, she was so precious. There are quite a few deer out here, but none of them have ever been even remotely close to our house. Her bravery was something completely uncharacteristic in that species AND that age. She represented a continual renewal of spirit, beauty, faith, courage and unconditional love. She was telling me that life will continue to go on, but we still need to be careful (watch what you are manifesting), take care of things that are important (healing the earth), and most importantly... getting back to where we originated. For her, that was momma, but for us it is getting back with Spirit.

When you think about it, these are really very simple, yet beautiful messages from these very special animals and Guides. Most people would have considered this to be a semi-typical day in the country, but the animals just kept continuing with their messages until I received it all. Animals are such great messengers from Spirit! They communicate telepathically, see auras, are emphatic, and are able to see Angels. Who better to work with?

I am very grateful for today's messages from 5E and I feel very sure that as I drift off to sleep tonight, there will be even more wonderful and beautiful insights for me to see, learn, and to share.


Teri & 5E

August 4, 2015

Some of you may remember a not-so-great sci-fi movie that was made several years ago with this same title, so you can imagine my surprise when I received a reading from one of my "Go To" people telling me that I'd soon be working with the 5th Element. "Seriously?", I asked her several times - are you SURE that's the name? Every time she'd nicely tell me that "Yes, this is correct and they say that you'll understand later."

Here we are several months later, and I'm beginning to understand exactly what the 5th Element really is all about. We are considered to have 4 basic elements: earth, fire, water, and air - so what is the 5th one? Me - you - us! WE are the 5th Element and we are just as crucial as the other four, because without us, the other four elements will begin to disappear!

This doesn't mean that I'm running around my home wearing a super hero cape (although I think I should at times!) The actuality of this is really quite different. Our job with saving the planet consists of raising the vibrations AND raising awareness that something needs to happen right now! Of course we need brave and talented souls 'working in the trenches' to help make changes, but we need to help them by bringing in the Light and Healing to help it manifest even quicker.

We need a Light Intervention here on Earth and we are the ones who have to do it.

So what does this mean, a Light Intervention?

  • We need to raise and hold our own vibrations to the highest levels possible. Not only will this help the earth, but it'll help us and those around us, as well. When you see disagreements, do what you can to bring harmony back to light.

  • Take action to help preserve the land, animals, and water. We need to see all the land as being healthy and healed from mining and destruction from stripping resources. We need to visualize the animals as being healthy and respected - treated as partners. We need to know that the waters are clearing and healing, and that there is plenty of clean, pure water to go around.
  • Love others unconditionally - whether they deserve it or not.
  • Pray and affirm that these things are happening daily.
  • We must to use our Light to overcome the darkness of others.
  • Banish those visions of harm, murdered people, tortured animals - you know what I mean. Let those images go and visualize only positive ones. (this probably means that you need to not watch the news or other violent programs or movies as much)
  • Keep the positive up - in thoughts, word and deed.
  • Focus on Light encircling the Earth, healing her in every way possible. See her surrounded with healing angels, as well.
  • Work on forgiveness - for yourself and for others.
  • Take fear out of your life! (I know that this is hard, but do the best that you can) Don't think about terrorists - envision them as fluffy bunnies running around in silly masks.
  • The more we visualize Light, the more the darkness will dissipate - so keep it going!

There are many dark energies surrounding the Earth at this time - you've seen it all around you. NOW is the time to let it go! We CAN and we WILL save this planet from destruction, but we have to work hard and be diligent. Just because you don't see results immediately doesn't mean that it won't happen. Keep the faith and know that all these amazing Angels, Guides, Ascended Masters and others are working very hard to make positive things happen.

It's time for ALL of us to grab our super hero cape and start saving the world!

This is what the 5th Element really is all about: "Working continuously - without fear - to spread the Light", according to my Guides, Malachi, Angelika, E'Lala, El'Sance, Lauten, Seasha, Galen and others have told me. There are many Archangels assisting us with this (naturally), Michael, Gabriel, Raziel, Haniel, Ariel, Butyalil, Fhelyai, Charity, Gersisa, Joules, Metatron, Purlimek, Hope, Raphael, Roquiel, Mary, and others.

Many of us are working towards this today – helping to save the Earth from all of its destructive forces – through human negligence, as well as negative energies who have been attacking this planet for many 1,000’s of years.

This is part of my purpose here on Earth, just as it is to teach others about the powerful qualities of positive beliefs and unconditional love, so that together, we can all create the Utopia that we have all been dreaming of.

Live in Light. Live in Love. Live in Gratitude. Live in Forgiveness. Live in Harmony. Live in Faith. Live in Positivity. Live in Peace. Live in Truth.

Live in Knowing that we WILL reign supreme... it is time for the all-important 5th Element to become fully activated, so we can begin to make many positive changes for this planet!


Teri & 5E