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Teri Van Horn

Healing Light

Where it is our intent to bring love, light & blessings into your world.


Recovery from Violence

Posted on October 5, 2017 at 10:20 PM

My apologies for not posting this message sooner, but I have also been dealing with the energy from this event & felt like we would all be in a better place to accept these messages from Spirit if I waited a couple days.

This shooting has impacted us all. For me, I have friends in Vegas & one family who is dear to me, makes this festival an annual family outing. Thank God, there was a conflict in schedules, so they had to miss Sunday night. Another friend was there & fortunately he & his girlfriend were safe, but he kept going back to help others. One man, very near him, was shot & Cody stayed with him as he passed. Since they are military 'brothers', Cody then made the effort to find this young man's mother, so that he could share her son's final moments with her. We have many friends who are military medics & so they were busy helping with triage & caring for those who were injured. I've heard stories & intuitively seen more than anyone would ever want to, but I still keep getting images & information about this event.

So... why does this happen?

There is evil in this world, to be sure - but there are also Divine Plans in play. Remember that we all have free will & sometimes (as a soul) we decide that we want to experience different things in each lifetime. Naturally you ask, "Why would anyone want to volunteer for this?" On a spiritual level, this can be to propel one's ascension process. It can be to help release karma or it can be used to increase karma, if that is necessary. There are as many reasons for something like this, as there are stars in the sky. Overall, this was a soul agreement between all the parties involved, to participate in this event. Some would live & go home. Some would be injured & go through the physical & emotional healing process. Some would die & go to their heavenly home. Some would survive - but continually go back to save others, therefore releasing karmic debt.

I know that you're probably thinking that I'm blaming the victims & that's not the case. I'm not blaming anyone for this event. I'm simply saying that some people chose to go through this experience. A lot of them are experiencing miracles & healing, while others were released from their earthly bodies & are now beautiful, pure light.

The grief for all of us is overwhelming & it most certainly is for those who are empaths. That is why this has affected me so much, because I'm an empath AND had friends there. When my daughter & her husband were based out of Nellis AFB for 5 years, I spent a LOT of time in Vegas. I hated the strip & would only walk through a couple of the casinos for the seasonal decorations (the Bellagio is always so gorgeous), but otherwise, we stayed FAR from that area & spent all of our time in North Las Vegas, where the kids lived. But, I know the area well & between that & the ability to 'see' events as they happened, it's been tough for me. I haven't 'asked' to see anything, but spirit keeps sending different aspects of it to me, so I'm guessing there's a reason why this is happening.

What is the result? What should we do for our children & grandchildren?

Number 1 - get yourself grounded & seek to find some peace about this. The more that we are collectively 'stirred-up' about it, only increases the likely-hood that things will get worse or something else will happen. When we focus on things being peaceful, we will create peace in our immediate world. Work on that & know that you are 100% capable of controlling your feelings & emotions about something like this. Choose peace & calm. Focus on sending prayers, healing & forgiveness.

Number 2 - don't start thinking that the sky is falling & that we're all going to hell in a hand basket. Basically... shit happens & right now we're dealing with a lot of it collectively. That doesn't mean that I'm discounting the pain, horror or suffering that is happening in the world today - far from it. If I allowed my defenses to be down, I'd be a complete basket-case while trying to deal with all of the pain that others are suffering. I have to keep my walls up, in a very big way. Remember that things like this are exceptions to the rule & that we're always going to experience violence, until we collectively reach a higher dimension & way of thinking. This is happening - it's coming sooner than you think!

Number 3 - KNOW that the changes are happening as we speak! You've heard it a million times already, but I'll say it once more, "we are in a spiritual war right now." Good guys vs bad guys & all that stuff. How can this be when other people are saying that we're ascending to higher levels? Actually... both of these statements are true. We are definitely ascending, as individuals & as a planet - from 3D to 4D & in some cases 5D. Many, many individuals are coming into the 4th dimension right now, which is moving the planet (& everyone else) into that level, as well. Unfortunately, there are a LOT of people who are still living in the 3rd dimension & loving it. They like that violence, control, manipulation, greed... you get the picture. These are the lesser-evolved souls who want to stay exactly where they are & they certainly don't want to 'evolve' to all that light, fluffy stuff in a higher dimension. These are the 'neanderthals', the 'barbarians' of our culture... spiritually speaking. They don't want peace, they want to continue being a 'badass' & living that lifestyle. They are the ones who are rebelling & trying their best to throw us into chaos so that we will remain in the 3rd dimension. Unfortunately for them... there's a lot more of us, but many are still frightened & afraid of slipping back. We definitely do not want to do this, so we need to be courageous. We need to pray & we need to hold space so that we all move forward into the next & higher dimensions.

This WILL happen - it's just a matter of how soon. The more we work to continue to raise our vibrational frequency, the harder it will be for them to hold on to what they have. This is one of the reasons why we are having extra violence throughout the world. Think of what it looks like when a Saturn Rocket starts to lift-off of the launch pad. There's so much fire & smoke. The ground rumbles with the force of the engines, but the rocket hardly moves. Then suddenly, it's as though the earth's gravity finally says, ok & the rocket starts to ascend into the sky, taking the shuttle up past the atmosphere so that it can soar into space. That's kind-of where we are right now. We're on the launch pad, with fire blazing, struggling to be release from the clutches of earth's gravitational force. Just like the Saturn rocket - we will get into space, where there are no more limitations & we can touch the stars.

We have to hold firm with our faith & we need to stay positive. Pray for the ones who are in so much pain right now. Sending healing to them & know that all is working-out with God's Divine Plan. We will never understand it all while we're here, but once we transcend that veil & reach the other side, all will be brought to light.

Please don't lose heart. Unfortunately with the increase in technology & connectivity, we hear about more problems & pain & violence. The 'bad guys' are also using this technology to connect, so that they can attempt to do more violence. We also get to use these technological abilities so that we can connect & facilitate changes. Also, it's important for us all to do our best to keep a positive mindset in all things. I know that's hard, especially with events like Vegas & while I certainly don’t always stay positive about things, I always try to do my best to understand or trust that something positive will come out of a situation.

When you think about what happened on Sunday evening, it's important to have compassion for the pain & suffering that these people felt. We must never discount that because it is real & all of this must be healed. But when you are focusing on this event, also please remember these very important facts:

• Whomever did the shooting, only did it for 11 minutes. They had thousands of rounds of ammunition & multiple weapons. They also had an entire HOUR between the time that the shooting stopped & the room was entered into by police.

• While there was a lot of damage that incurred during that 11 minutes of hell on earth - think about how much worse it could have been, if the shooters had continued throughout the entire hour. Based on what was left in that room - they could have continued shooting all night long - but something happened & all the shooting miraculously stopped.

• Also, it's apparent that there was an established escape plan, so that more damage could have been incurred via a car bomb & this, too was stopped.

So while you honor those who lost their lives, those who are injured & those who have emotional scars from this horrific event... also try to sing praises that more weren't affected by these awful people. It is important to grieve for the losses of that night & the suffering that was incurred - but don't allow this to take over, because we need to get back to work, shining that Light, so that the darkness has no opportunity to get a foothold in trying to stop our collective ascension.

Know that I am sending healing, love, hugs, prayers & lots of Angels to everyone whose lives have been touched by this event. I ask that you join me in this, so that we can prevent these types of things from happening in the future. Keep in mind that this one was stopped short - by some miraculous event, so that it was over long before the authorities were able to seize control of the room.

That is one enormous blessing in a night filled with pain & we have to keep this momentum going, so that all the 'bad guys' get stopped before they can do anyone harm again. Let’s keep focusing on love, forgiveness & light.

Blessings, Teri



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