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Teri Van Horn

Healing Light

Where it is our intent to bring love, light & blessings into your world.

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Psychic Attunement



The Brow Chakra is one that is most often associated with intuitive abilities and the awakening process. In this session we not only work with your Brow Chakra, but we work with your Throat and Heart Chakras, as well, to enhance your abilities to receive messages and information that is meant for you to access.

This session will enhance your own natural given abilities as well as helping you to activate them and make this a form of communication in your own life!

Everyone has psychic abilities, but for one reason or another, some people are able to access theirs more easily. After this session, you will experience more opportunities with seeing things, hearing things, feeling or sensing things, or just an overall sense of knowing. Once this session is complete, you will receive a detailed email report about what occurred during your session. One hour.


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