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Teri Van Horn

Healing Light

Where it is our intent to bring love, light & blessings into your world.

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Lemurian Starseed Activation


We’ve been told that Lemurian Starseeds have been encoded with an automatic “wake-up” call… but if you’ve been hitting the snooze button, this is your time to become activated!


We know that Starseeds feel as though they don’t belong, that everything they do here is a struggle: fitting-in, balancing Earth’s energies, communicating and working with others, paying attention or focusing, having severe ringing in the ears, food intolerances, a strong feeling of loneliness, being ungrounded – these are all symptoms of being a Starseed that doesn’t have a connection to Earth.


So how do you get this connection? By going back and reconnecting to the place where you first arrived here on Earth… to Lemuria. Once you receive this reconnection activation, you’ll be able to more fully integrate with your body and life here on Earth. You’ll have fuller access to inner knowledge and wisdom, become more creative, have a greater connection with your Life Path, as well as a greater connection with your Guides and Angels.


Once you receive this activation, you’ll be able to harmonize your energies, while grounding them to the earth. Once this is achieved, you’ll be able to reach even higher vibrational frequencies, allowing those energies to flow freely through you, without adversely affecting you. You will be able to access knowledge to your Guides, Angels and the Akashic Records; and you’ll be able to protect yourself from picking-up too many feelings, emotions and energies from others. Being a Lemurian Starseed is a beautiful gift, with a powerful mission. We are here to serve and to raise Earth’s vibrational frequency. To do this, we need to be grounded, balanced and ready to take on the Awareness that we came here with… so that we can be successful in our mission. One hour.


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