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Teri Van Horn

Healing Light

Where it is our intent to bring love, light & blessings into your world.

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Perfect Weight


Although we are told that we are perfect and Divine Children of God... we don't necessarily see that when we look in the mirror. We see someone who really needs to get in better physical shape and who needs to find their perfect weight and stay there. The health benefits for this are incredible!


Many of us have weight issues, for a myriad of reasons: genetics, dis-eases or conditions, lack of exercise, depression, self-esteem... the list could go on forever.



This Perfect Weight healing session won't turn you into a size 6 overnight... but what it will do is help to heal the self-esteem, the dis-eases, and the metabolism issues that can be causing weight gain. In providing this session for you, we will help hold the space, so that you can follow through with your goals and plans. We will support you as you go through this challenging process, helping you to heal and your metabolism to increase ever so slightly, so that you can begin to lose weight easier.



This session is very productive and helpful, but it is not a magic bullet or a miracle cure. It is designed to help support you, as you go through the process yourself.


This Distant Healing session lasts approximately one hour and will be held while you are resting or asleep. We will send you a report of the session the next day.

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